Why you should sell iPhone 7 and upgrade to iPhone 12, or maybe wait for the next iPhone


 At the time of its launch, Apple iPhone 7 was considered as one of the best mobile phones around. Although the mobile phone wasn’t much different from its predecessor; iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus but when it came to performance, it was considered as a beast, without a doubt.

That’s why there are still millions of iPhone 7’s in the market and people are using them but now the time has come when most of the iPhone users who are still using iPhone 7 are considering to sell iPhone 7 and get an upgrade. But what iPhone shall they buy? That’s a question that needs answering.

As stated earlier, iPhone 7 was a beast when it was released with touch ID and impressive aluminum housing but now things have moved on. Most of the mobile phone vendors have moved away from metal housings as they do not let them charge the mobile phone wirelessly and that is one of the reasons all major flagship mobile phones have a glass back. When iPhone 7 is compared to the iPhone 11, the difference can be seen.

All the older mobile phones had a smaller screen size although the mobile phone size was bigger, with the new iPhones, the screen is an edge to edge and the screen on iPhone 11 is much better as its OLED rather than an LCD as it is on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Touch ID on iPhone 7 is also replaced with Face ID which uses far more advanced technology as compared to that which is used in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Mobile phones aren’t just used as phones; they are our cameras also along with many other gadgets. When we compare iPhone 7 and iPhone 11 when it comes to cameras, the difference is gigantic. Both mobile phones have an amazing camera but the stabilization and the higher dynamic range on iPhone 11 put the mobile phone in altogether a different league.

One of the major things on every mobile phone is the processor. Although the processor in iPhone 7, the A10 is amazing the one in iPhone 11 which is A13 Bionic chip is altogether of the next league.

Having said all of the amazing things about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 11, there are two things that make the purchasing decision a bit difficult. The first one is the price difference between both mobile phones and the second is the fact that the iPhone 11 is not equipped with a 5G modem which makes the mobile phone incapable of benefiting from new 5G networks.

Apple’s iPhone 11 is amazing but it has disappointed Apple fans as most of them were expecting Apple to announce its first-ever 5G mobile phone in 2019 but they aware surprised as seeing yet another 4G mobile phone in a time when Samsung has managed to introduce more than 5 different models of 5G capable mobile phones.

Whichever mobile phone you chose to upgrade to, one thing is confirmed and that is the price fall of the iPhone 7 very soon. So it would be wise to sell your iPhone 7 before it loses any more of its value in 2020 due to 5G mobile phones taking over the mobile phone market.

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