Why You Should Regularly Clean Your Carpets

Carpets, both fitted and not, are great to liven up any room in the house. A carpet can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your home, helping to bring together furnishings and interior design, lighten a room or provide comfortable walking space. Despite the great lengths homeowners often go to when trying to find a high-quality, gorgeous carpet for their homes, carpet cleaning and maintenance is rarely considered in their buying journey. 

If you own carpets or have carpeted floors in your home – or even in your office space – it is crucial to have them cleaned regularly. Here’s why…

[The Importance of A Clean Carpet

Carpets are an excellent choice for flooring, and loose carpets are a great addition to just about any room in the house. Despite their popularity, not many carpet owners understand just how important it is to ensure that their carpets are regularly and thoroughly cleaned. Carpets should be spot-cleaned and dry-cleaned regularly; most importantly, however, is to have your carpets cleaned by carpet cleaning professionals. 

Professional carpet cleaners have the necessary equipment, cleaning agents, and skill to ensure that the carpet is rid of any dirt, grime, or bacteria within its fibers. There are many other benefits to take advantage of by having your carpets professionally cleaned.

Remove Mites and Bacteria from Your Carpet

Carpets are notorious for being a breeding ground for mites and bacteria, which are invisible to the human eye, but which easily enter our airspace and join the oxygen we breathe. The build-up of these critters within the fibers of your carpets and rugs can quickly lead to, if not worsen, breathing problems and other health issues like asthma. Additionally, they can cause any members in the household to develop allergies, or allergy-like symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing, or having trouble when breathing. 

Although regular dry cleaning can help remove some of these mites and bacteria, only by having your carpet professionally cleaned can you be sure that your carpet is entirely pest-free. Deep or steam cleaning, carried out by carpet cleaning professionals, will help reduce a build-up of these pests and promote a cleaner, safer environment for you and your family. 

Clean Carpets Promote Clean Air

Did you know that dirty carpets are responsible for compromised airflow in your home? Despite how strange that may seem, dirty carpets that are bogged down with grime, debris, mites, and bacteria can quickly impede on the air quality and flow within your home. 

Bedrooms with dirty carpets are more likely to suffer, as these rooms generally have restricted airflow already. Vacuuming your carpet yourself is unlikely to remove all of the unhealthy, built-up pollutants in your carpet, leading to stuffy rooms and poor air quality.

Having your carpet cleaned by professionals is your best chance of completely freeing the carpet or carpeted area from contaminants, mites, and bacteria. 

Extend the Life of Your Carpet

A clean carpet not only provides you and your family with a clean, hygienic, and safe living environment; having your carpet professionally cleaned will also extend its lifespan! 

Dirty carpets may experience fiber matting over time. This is where the gradual build-up of dirt, grime, and other contaminants cause the carpet fibers to mat, or clump, together. This often causes the carpet to look far older than it actually is, as well as appear worn, rough, and flat. Even the thickest and most high-quality carpets will develop this appearance over time, if left unattended. 

Professionally cleaning your carpets will help revitalise its appearance, plumping up and restoring the fibers to an almost-new condition. Ensuring the carpet is cared for will extend its lifetime, helping you retain a favoured asset for that much longer and prevent any unnecessary, costly, replacements. 

How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

The frequency at which you have your carpet professionally cleaned depends on its location and the amount of foot traffic it endures on a regular basis. In high-traffic areas, such as the living or dining rooms, or within office spaces, professional carpet cleaning may be required more often. 

Additional factors to consider are pets living within the home, children, or if your carpet is stained. Pet hair can quickly build up within the carpet’s fibers and add to air quality issues, while children often (and easily!) accidentally dirty or stain carpets within the home. 

Do You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Save money and time, as well as your beloved carpet, by investing in professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis, per your unique cleaning requirements. Although it may seem like an unnecessary cost, the results of an unclean carpet directly impact your health, the health of your family, and the living conditions within your home.

Partnering with a professional carpet cleaning company like Drymaster Carpet Cleaning can actually save you money in the long run. The cost of home cleaning detergents, cleaning equipment, and even medical bills quickly add up – and can all be avoided by giving your carpet the professional clean it deserves!

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