Why you should look for a maid through an agency

Do you think finding a maid through an agency is expensive?

We affirm that it is convenient, safe, affordable, and even profitable to find a maid through a domestic recruiting agency. Doubt? Let’s figure it out. We will argue with facts and figures.


First, answer a few questions:

  1. How much do you estimate your time (work and rest)?
  2. What budget are you willing to allocate per month for solving everyday problems?
  3. Which level of service do you require? Are you providing yourself with this level of quality now?

The average level of payment for an amateur housekeeper starts from $ 3, for a professional – from $ 5, for an expert – from $ 8 per hour. 

If you estimated your time in the figure equal to zero or the average cost of a maid’s work, if today you provide yourself with the necessary level of quality of everyday tasks, then everything is in order for you and you do not need an au pair. It is possible, however, to assume that you have answered each question differently because you are reading this article.

The formula for calculating the monthly budget for paying for maid agency

Hourly pay x Number of working hours per day x Number of working days per month

For example, you need a maid once a week for 8 hours a day. You are ready to take a person with no experience, but after training in specialized courses for housekeepers, her salary will start at $ 3 per hour

You will pay exactly the same amount to the agency for the service of selecting a maid through an agency once. This is the price of your peace of mind, safety, and, of course, saved resources and efforts during the selection of an employee. The cost of agency services also includes the replacement of the maid for a trial period without restrictions, as well as one more replacement during the year, if necessary.

A bonus of interaction with a professional and find a maid agency will be competent advice on the selection and management of personnel, quick response to your repeated requests, and discounts for regular customers.

Maid selection criteria

If it is necessary to hire a maid for an apartment or house, but relatives and acquaintances cannot advise anyone, you should not look for personnel through advertisements on the Internet or in newspapers. There is no sense in submitting your hiring ad to the media. It is impossible to check the applicants who responded to it correctly. The consequences can be quite unpleasant.

All specialized recruiting agencies provide interviews. You can talk to the applicant personally, draw your own conclusions about him. The maid agency, in addition, can provide a replacement if the client declares within a certain time that the proposed maid did not fit. The selection of maids is usually carried out until the desired result is obtained, therefore, in specialized agencies, employees are directly interested in achieving it as early as possible.

There are many criteria for choosing a maid. Attention is usually paid primarily to age. For such work, an interval of thirty-five to fifty years is considered optimal. Too young maids very often become the cause of strife in married couples. In addition, they usually do not have enough homework skills. It makes no sense to hire a woman from twenty to thirty, since she can leave the house at any time, having gone on maternity leave. If the applicant is more than fifty, she may not be able to cope with the assigned duties due to insufficient physical activity. It is worth remembering that the work of a maid has always been and remains quite hard physical labor.


The motivation with which people look for work varies (from services for remuneration to solving financial difficulties, debts, loans). It is she who affects the safety of the employer.

Professional ethics is another important indicator. This includes privacy issues that are also directly related to security.

Sometimes the mistake of recruiting domestic staff can be costly (literally).

To avoid risks, when selecting home helpers, you must:

  1. Conduct an interview competently, which will help establish the motivation of candidates;
  2. Verify that the information is accurate 
  3. Conclusion of an agreement regarding the provision services – Official relations minimize risk

Professional agencies take a systematic approach to these issues. Only candidates who have passed all the main “filters” of selection and provided the necessary documents and recommendations can get into the database.

The conclusion of contracts at the stage of the candidate’s exit is initiated by the agency and takes place between all participants. The agency advises both parties on contractual relations and optimal conditions for cooperation.


Working with an agency, you transfer the complex processes of searching and selecting a maid through an agency professional, leaving only the approval and the final choice. Whereas when you independently search for an assistant, you take upon yourself the implementation of all processes and responsibility for possible unsuccessful decisions, with the subsequent repetition of the selection.

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