Why You Should Invest in Custom Pocket Folders

Branding is an effective way for businesses of all sizes to attract new customers. According to Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, “your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room as a company.” Undoubtedly, many things can influence the perceptions of existing and prospective clients, and using custom-designed presentation folders is a great way to make an excellent first impression. Here are a few reasons you should invest in custom pocket folders.

They help to enhance visibility.


Visibility is vital to corporate marketing, branding, and customer relationship management (CRM). A company’s visibility efforts may vary depending on these three areas. Generally, the steps involve using visual marketing materials like custom pocket folders to ramp up a company’s appeal among its target market. Custom business folders can feature a company’s logo and essential profile information.

Custom pocket folders can also house essential documents, which can serve as a reference, especially for new clients, to familiarize themselves with a company’s new products or services. Companies can tailor their pocket folders to essential design elements and color schemes that resonate with their clients. The more clients see and use the pocket folder, the more memorable the brand becomes. This can be a great way to improve visibility through traditional means.

They help improve sales.

If you’ve ever made a sales presentation, you already know success doesn’t only depend on what you say. Statistics about your cash flow and rattling your business plan may fall on deaf ears. Sometimes, after running all the business talk, it might take a high-quality custom folder for your sales executives to enjoy a good business day at a trade show. Therefore, investing in custom pocket folders can never be a miss for your sales department. Companies seeking to improve sales with their custom folders may need to focus on the pocket folder’s content.

Adding precise information in sales pitch documents can be a traffic booster. Sometimes, clients can consider many sales pitches at once, leaving you less time to give detailed company information during your presentations. Luckily, many corporate design templates feature a company’s contact information on pocket folders. That way, clients may not need to bother asking for your email address.

They help impress investors and stakeholders.

Gaining new investors isn’t easy. Most investors need to be confident in a business’s offerings, and branding is one way to get attention. Managing stakeholders and investors require significant corporate communication efforts like sharing annual reports, business proposals, press kits, and essential meeting memos. Distributing well-designed and branded necessary documents in pocket folders can give it a special touch to keep them impressed.

They help you stay organized.

Pocket folders can be excellent promotional materials, but they can also serve as props for your internal meetings. Arranging these custom-designed office materials on desks can give your office a great look, especially if it’s a shared co-working space. Pocket folders can also serve as essential reference materials for recruits complimenting your onboarding efforts.

They help to save marketing costs.


Pocket folders can afford you a cost-effective traditional marketing approach in facilitating personal interactions with consumers, which can also serve as souvenirs while creating a lasting impression for your brand. Other options like billboards, screen placements, etc., can be capital intensive. Integrating your company’s design elements into your folders can give it a professional look and impact your marketing and branding results.

All in all, in today’s overly digitized world, it’s hard to ignore the value a custom design can bring to a business. Using pocket folders across all an organization’s functions helps improve brand identity and image.