Why you should install the FM WhatsApp apk right now?

Technology keeps on updating at a faster pace and even faster are the transitions that are happening into it and are being rolled out into the applications, tools, and software at a constant rate. Varies different and diversified Apks have been developed that are working brilliantly and more aesthetically than the original version of the app than it was first developed. This article is all about the FM WhatsApp Apk which is a latest version of the original WhatsApp app and is not sanctioned or being rolled out by the WhatsApp app itself, it is being developed by another company and has more intense and navigational features than the original WhatsApp app.

Following are some of the features that come with this app that you might find interesting or compelled to use than the original WhatsApp app;

  1. Choosing your own theme

One thing that can be done with this app that even the original version does not support is choosing various themes that you want to use, you can customize the whole experience for yourself. You can change the theme of the chat, call section, and even for the contacts to begin with. This means that there is an added functionality there that you won’t be able to find with the original WhatsApp app, even if you want to you will have to buy the premium version to do so while with this apk version you don’t have to do that and use it for free.

  1. Added functionality and broad UI

FM WhatsApp apk is all about the added functionality that it provides to the users, you can customize each and every aspect of the app according to your own will. UI or the user interface of the app is staggering, well-built, and provides you with easy selection of the settings, options, and other such elements. The sliders are more intense and transparent, to begin with, and the update section is automated which means that you will be getting all the latest updates and downloads automatically.

  1. Large gallery support, filters, and emoji support

Unlike other messaging apps out there that provide limited support to the user in terms of reduced gallery options, limited filter support, and only a few packets of emoji uncooked for them to use. Well, that is just not the case with the FM WhatsApp APK at all, it provides you with all the cool stuff, and also it is totally free to use. You can download and install the application from both the Android and iOS stores and if for some reason it doesn’t turn into the case then you can always visit their website for the sake of downloading and then installing the app on your smartphone.

It is smart, it provides a lot of free stuff, you don’t have to buy the premium and also there is nothing out of context about the app too. It is just a casual but rather fun messaging app that provides you with a lot of functionality that the other apps don’t.