Why You Should Install Solar Screens

Technology has made its way into our homes with solar screens that shade and protect the window glass. To understand how they work, you should know what these are. Solar screens are dark screen panels fitted to your window to deflect the sun’s brightness keeping your house interior from excessive sun glare. These screens are designed to reduce heat from the sun by approximately 80% and protect you from harmful UltraViolet rays. Many people spend hundreds of dollars paying for energy regulation within their homes. Solar screens are a solution to these expenses with their efficiency in improving your home’s energy. The screens add value to your home by protecting your furniture fittings and curtains, not to mention that they are an affordable upgrade to your home.


Reduces air regulation costs


When the sun is high up blazing, the most logical thing to do is turn on the AC. Solar screens offer a reduced cost of regulating the air during sunny days. Working on the principle of blocking sun rays and heat from entering the home, they minimize the house’s warmth. Solar screens complement the functions of the air conditioner, thus reducing the cost of using the AC.


Protection from UltraViolet Rays


Solar screens are an excellent choice to enhance the privacy of your home from peering eyes. Their ability to block people from viewing your household’s innings does not affect your view of the surrounding. Solar screens keep out almost 95% of harmful rays without affecting the amount of natural light bathing the room. House plants are probably the significant beneficiaries of the filtered lights as they take in the natural light without its harmful aspects. Direct sunlight is also detrimental for furniture fabric, carpets, and drapes, something solar screens opaque nature can address restricting the amount of direct sunlight passing through.


Cost-effective upgrade


When going for that look that fits your desired look, customized solar screens are the best choice. Solar screens are customizable to fit best any size and shape of your house’s windows, including the arches. The screens are also maintenance-free and easy to clean, using available household cleaning supplies. Installing solar screens paints your home with a breathtaking view raising its curb appeal and resale value. Solar screens are also cost-effective in that they can pay for themselves from the savings made by cutting on the cost of energy used in the house. The screens also last up to 30 years, saving you the cost of continually replacing. With support from the government, reducing the cost energy efficient commodities, solar screens’ prices have become even cheaper.




Solar screens come with cords to help with raising or lowering, mixing up luxury and convenience. You can motorize these screens by attaching a remote control system from a smart device. This motorized system can be efficient in ensuring your residents’ safety by putting in place a timer for automatic operation from any remote location.


With vast applications, solar screens offer something for everyone. Homeowners are installing based on different aspects: privacy, sun glare, saving electric costs, and providing glamour to their home. Solar screens are easily customizable to meet your specification with different colors for a more colorful presentation. Solar screens are easy to install; before hitting the stores, take measurements of the different windows and arches you intend to install the screen. After buying the specific shades you want for your windows, follow the laid down instruction to install without breaking a sweat. Nevertheless, before installing the screens, it is wise to seek professional guidance to maximize their properties. Wrong installation will lead to damage when exposed to weather extremes.