Why You Should Have a Mole Examined and Removed

Moles can be cute, offering a unique beauty characteristic. Nonetheless, in most cases, they are not a mark of beauty but instead stick out like a sore thumb. The unsightly moles could also be a health risk. If you are not feeling as attractive, the moles can affect your self-esteem, extending into other areas of your life. With advanced aesthetics Cypress, TX, you can have the moles removed, restoring your striking looks and confidence levels.

You could be considering mole removal for aesthetic reasons. This is such as when they grow in a prominent area, like on your face, making you feel less attractive. In other cases, the mole might make you feel uncomfortable, such as when it rubs against clothing or gets trapped by jewelry. While aesthetic considerations are reason enough to have a mole removed, they can also be worrying health-wise.

Moles are relatively safe, but some are cancerous. If left untreated, they could develop into melanoma, a skin cancer that can be life-threatening. This emphasizes the need to seek professional attention to establish if the mole is a health hazard. Here are some signs you should consider mole examination and removal for health reasons include:

Changing shape

Generally, healthy moles feature a similar shape. If you notice that one side is not symmetrical to the other, you should have it checked. Such inconsistency could indicate a developing problem that could impact your health if left to grow.

Color variance

Healthy moles have the same color with less variance. If your mole seems to have multiple colors, then you need to have it examined. Uneven coloring could include shades of tan, black, brown, white, or gray. In other instances, the variance could be easily noticeable such as with blue, red, or pink shades.


Most moles are small, typically the size of an eraser. Unhealthy moles are bigger, but in some instances, they might be normal. Nonetheless, if the mole is big, it should be examined. Moreover, if the mole starts to grow in size, it should warrant a visit to your doctor.


Healthy moles feature clear borders. If the outline is blurred or jagged, you should have it checked. It might indicate the mole is evolving into something else, which could threaten your health.

Overall changes

Does the mole look different than it previously did? Evolving moles indicate changes, some that could mean they are becoming cancerous. A dermatologist visit is due if you notice such changes, ensuring you are not exposed to a significant health threat. You should also seek immediate attention if you experience symptoms such as hardening, bleeding, oozing fluids, itching, or the mole suddenly grows in size.

How well do you know your body? Regular checks to see if you have a new mole are essential. It can help you notice some changes that could signify underlying health concerns. If a mole signals concerns like cancer, immediate removal and treatment can lower the risk of developing a more serious infection. Contact Magnolia Dermatology today to learn more about healthy and unhealthy moles, removal, and treatment approaches.