Why You Should Develop an eCommerce Store on Shopify in 2023 – A Comprehensive Guide

The usage of smartphones across the world has assured a boom in the digital landscape. This fact has changed the way businesses has been conducted these days. According to a report, E-commerce sales have increased quickly. There are several platforms available presently for eCommerce development. Shopify is the most powerful and popular one among the various platforms available. Businesses shifting towards Shopify Store Development because of this platform’s user-friendly interface and customizable features. In this guest post, we will shed light on the Shopify development store, why you should use this platform for creating online stores, and the need for Shopify experts.

Shopify Development Store – An Overview

Shopify development store is a unique platform feature offered to Shopify partners that lets them make and test themes, applications, or entire online stores. A Shopify expert can create several development stores through his/her partner’s dashboard. And the development stores are useful for various purposes comprising:

  • Testing – Shopify App Development professionals can utilize development stores to test apps, themes, or customization without affecting the live storefront.
  • Clientele Setup – Shopify development stores are beneficial for setting up Shopify stores for clientele.
  • Portfolio Showcasing – Web developers and designers can utilize development stores to demonstrate their Shopify theme customization or work to clients or employers.
  • Demo Purposes – These stores are also useful for showing the store’s design, user interface, and features to potential clientele or investors without connecting to the live store.
  • Experimentation – You can experiment with Shopify’s discount engine, abandoned checkout recovery, real-time shipping, and test transactions without processing actual orders. 

Why a Shopify Development Store for E-commerce Development?

You probably thinking about the reasons for electing this specific platform. The several benefits allied with Shopify development stores make it a preferable platform for eCommerce businesses, whether startup or existing. The benefits of this platform are as follows:

  1. Mobile Optimized – With time, individuals are using their smartphones to shop online. Hence, e-commerce stores must be mobile-optimized. Shopify Plus Development provides mobile responsive designs that run smoothly on different devices.
  1. SEO Friendly – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for any e-commerce business that wants to rank high in search engine results. Shopify is SEO optimized with features like meta descriptions, Google Analytics Integration, a sitemap, and customizable title tags. SEO tools assures the top ranking of websites or products for targeted spectators by utilizing mid-frequency and high-frequency keywords.
  2. User Friendly – Shopify is popular for its user-friendly interface, making it easy for individuals to set up a store without having any coding knowledge. This platform endows customizable templates, easy-to-utilize drag-and-drop editors, and a range of applications and plugins to optimize the functioning of your e-commerce store. Shopify theme Customization is also one of the useful features to make your online store more productive.
  1. Security – Security is the biggest concern for businesspersons and customers. Shopify endows a secure platform for online transactions. This e-commerce online store development platform is PCI compliant and utilizes SSL encryptions to defend sensitive consumer data.
  1. Scalable – As business cultivates, you require a platform that can scale with you. Shopify provides a broad range of plans to suit e-commerce businesses of all sizes, and the platform can manage heavy traffic and sales volume.
  1. Payment Gateway – A Shopify development store also has a payment gateway. The Shopify payment gateway assures hassle-free transactions and manages the returns of customers effectively. Secure payment is a big concern here for clients and this eCommerce store development platform bridges the gap between vendors and purchasers for productive sales.
  1. Consumer Support – Shopify works on principles that queries needed to be resolved as soon as possible. A dedicated and experienced team of professionals provides 24/7 hour support for the customers. A Shopify expert facing any problems while creating a development store can reach the customer support department via email or phone call. You will get an instant reply.
  1. 3D Product Images – According to a study, 3D product images enhance conversions by a great percentage and are a good source for winning sales. With 3D images, the product seems sharp from every angle and entices more consumers. So, if you are thinking of starting an E-commerce business, then you must consider Shopify development services to get your online store ready rapidly.

Need for Shopify Plus Development Professional

Though a primary development store can be created without technical knowledge, it is advised to outsource the development task to a Shopify App Development agency like WebTrack. Shopify experts know how the platform works and develop an e-commerce store that aligns with the business goals. Moreover, theme customization is only be achieved by programming languages, and only an experienced professional can deliver the best output in less time. Implementing SEO tools, posting images, sales conversions strategy, profit-maximizing tactics, and thematic impact cannot be easy for a non-technical individual. Hence, joining hands with Shopify development service providers is necessary for businesses.

Final Words

As we see the dynamic landscape of Ecommerce in 2023, Shopify Store Development come up as a vital catalyst for business development and success. From its adaptability to the broad app ecosystem, emerging market trends, broad app ecosystem, and emphasis on consumer experience, Shopify empowers businesspeople to step into the vast potential of online retail. Investing in a Shopify development store is not just an option, it is a tactical imperative. Embark your Ecommerce development journey with Shopify today. Your business success awaits.

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