Why You Should Create A Packing List Before You Move

Moving is a hectic job, and in all honesty, nobody loves packing and moving. However, everyone has to do it at one point in their lives, and for most of us, it’s more than once. From renting containers to buying moving supplies, there are additional costs that should be taken into consideration also. It takes lots of planning and organizing at different levels. A packing list at this time comes handy and helps to avoid a chaotic situation.

What Is A Packing List?

Whenever you decide to move, you need to pack all your stuff up. Instead of packing it randomly, it is always good to make lists. A packing list includes all the things that have to be packed and moved according to its size or location. A well designed and organized list makes this process run smoothly.

How To Sort a Packing List?

A packing list can be sorted or made in different ways. You can make it by room, like the living room, bathroom, kids’ room, etc. Similarly, you can make it according to the nature of the items you are packing. Like technology might all go in one box, even though these items might end up in different rooms.

How is a Packing List Useful?

Making a packing list can be useful in several ways, some of the more useful ways are mentioned below. If you are renting a moving truck, or a packing container like the ones found at youpack.com.au, you will want to have a packing list so that you can keep track of what goes on the container, and what comes off of it.

1. Get a list of your belongings

Many of us do not realize how much stuff we have been storing for years. Making a packing list gives us an actual idea of what we have. It can help us decide what to keep and what to throw away. In short, with a packing list, sorting and managing stuff becomes more efficient.

2. Saves time

It can save lots of time and effort by giving us a reference of what is packed where and how. Thus, it not only makes packing and moving easy but also saves time when unpacking.

3. Helps you estimate the cost of your move

The amount of stuff you need to move might dictate the cost of the move. Some moving companies charge by weight, while others by the truckload. By identifying items you no longer want, you can donate or discard them. Having a list of these things can make that decision-making process quicker. Also, it helps the moving company make arrangements according to your requirements, for example, the size of the truck, people to lift your belongings, etc.

4. Get proper Insurance

Having a moving list will also help when you are getting movers insurance. A well-documented inventory of your belongings will help insurance companies gif you a proper evaluation.

5. Helps to keep track of your possessions

A list will help you while loading and unloading your belongings in the moving truck, and you can check everything that was loaded and unloaded to ensure you didn’t lose anything during the move.

There are many other benefits of making a packing list for the move, but generally, it makes a move very organized and smooth. So next time you’re moving, you should definitely make a packing list.