Why You Should Consider Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Every day, more than 100 people die in car accidents, and thousands suffer debilitating injuries in Chicago alone. I am not counting the personal injuries from medical malpractices or at work. This tells you one thing – the probability of experiencing a personal injury is high.

Most personal injury victims assume that the insurance company will play fair and pay whatever the compensation is after an accident – this is such a big assumption.

The reality is that the insurance companies are like a pack of wolves – they are self-centred and only have their interest at heart. They use various tactics to ensure you get the bare minimum in terms of compensation.

This is why you need to work with skilled Chicago personal injury lawyers. Here are a few reasons to consider hiring personal injury lawyers today.

Adjusters are Trained to Take Advantage of Your Vulnerabilities

When you get injured and demand compensation, you will work with an insurance adjuster from the company. The adjuster will use all their skills to try and prevent you from hiring a lawyer because they know that you are better off with a lawyer in your corner.

The adjusters are trained to make sure they manipulate you into trusting them and believing that they will pay the appropriate compensation.

Studies show that you claim more money when working with qualified Chicago personal injury lawyers. This research also shows that the process takes less time when you have a legal team to back you up.

Insurance Companies Use Sophisticated Technology to Make Sure You Get Zero Payout

Although you will get to speak with an insurance adjuster one-on-one, even over a cup of coffee, most of the behind-the-scenes tasks are handled by complex technology that runs algorithms that only the company understands.

The systems are designed for one role – to minimise the amount of compensation you receive. The software is handled by humans, which can be manipulated to omit costly incidents and only include minor ones.

Work with a lawyer that understands how the system works and focuses beyond it. The lawyer will come up with an estimate depending on what you have undergone to make sure you get maximum payouts.

Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers Protect You from Coercion

Remember that the insurance adjuster uses tactics to make sure you sign documents or take a minimum payout. 

The adjuster uses coercion and manipulation to make sure your evidence is watered down.

Working with a lawyer gives you the protection you need – to avoid manipulation and coercion. One of the instances where a lawyer is vital is when the insurance company tries to force you to sign documents that propose you give them full rights to your information. Before you sign any document, make sure you talk to the lawyer first for guidance.

You Need Someone to Gather Evidence after an Accident

The more evidence you present after the accident, the more likely you will have the payout you deserve. You might not be in a position to collect and preserve the evidence, and your family members might not know which information is vital to the case.

This is why you need an experienced personal injury law firm to create a paper trail for every action relevant to the case right from the time the accident happens.

In Conclusion

It takes more than just any lawyer to help you get maximum compensation. Our Chicago personal injury lawyers can make things work out for you the way they should. Call us today to begin the process of handling your claim the right way.

Michael Caine

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