Why You Need to Use an Online Domain authority Checker and How to Use One

For first-time entrepreneurs, a domain name is something that they need to get if they are to establish their online identities. A domain name is an identification string that represents authority or control online and are used for either networking contexts or for specific naming and addressing purposes. The parts of a domain name are technically called labels, are conventionally concatenated and delimited by dots.


Domain names are also divided in subordinated levels for organization. The first level, known as TLDs or top-level domains, consists of the prominent domains like .com, .info, .net and .org. Under the TLDs there are the generic top-level domains or gTLDs (examples of which are .biz, .edu and .gov) and the country code top-level domains or ccTLDs which are reserved for a country, sovereign state or dependent territory, like.ca (Canada), .de (Germany) or .au (Australia).


Domain names offer many benefits for its users, the most prominent of which are to ensure brand protection and to increase traffic and visibility online. It also helps customers or clients remember you better since without a domain name, the only way they will be able to find your website is by typing in the IP address, which is a series of numbers that can be quite difficult to remember. Domain names are also the best investment online companies can make considering it will help lead customers to your location where they can avail of the services and products you offer and make you profits.


If at some point in your journey you want to make sure you own the domain name you want, you will need to do a quick check before going ahead and having it registered. With the internet chock full of this domain authority checker that you can utilize for this purpose, you practically have no excuse not to do it. As much as possible, try to avoid domain names that are difficult to spell or are too long and also try to avoid using shortened versions of words as these can also be difficult to remember.


Once you have your final list of domain names, you can begin checking either do a single check or bulk checks of up to 20 domain names in one go to save time. If a website with that specific name appears then it is an indication that it is no longer available for you to register but sometimes, there are instances when you check the domain name and it doesn’t appear you shouldn’t immediately conclude that it is available. There are several reasons why the domain name didn’t appear and they could be any of the following: that it is indeed available, the owner is still working on the site and hasn’t put it up yet, the name was purchased for future use and the owner is hoping to resell the name at a higher price for profit. There are online domain name checkers which, in addition to letting you check the availability of the domain name, also process single or bulk transfers as well.


An alternative way to check the availability of your domain names could be to hire the services of a domain name registrar, which are organizations that manage the reservation of internet domain names. There are domain name registrars that allow you to purchase your web hosting account and domain name at the same time which can be convenient but because of the expense involved, most people prefer to just do everything online which is faster and costs less.


Finally, if you’ve checked and found that the domain name you prefer is actually already owned by someone else, you can always contact the owner and offer to buy it from them. Using a domain name checker is one of the most important protocols you need to follow in your journey to online business success so you need to make sure you have this tool handy.