Why You Need the TrackingFox GPS Tracker in Your Business

Do you worry about your vehicles being stolen? Do you wonder where your vehicles might be—where they are going or how they’re driving them? With the TrackingFox GPS tracker, you can get alerts of location, driving behavior and suspicious activity. It’s great for both personal and business use.

The TrackingFox GPS tracker is easy to install, plugging directly into the OBD socket in your car’s steering wheel. You don’t have to worry about constantly charging up the device, as it gets automatically charged while it’s connected to the car. You can easily switch the device from one car to another. The TrackingFox GPS Tracker also comes with a 2-year warranty.

Perhaps you own a fleet of vehicles, or just one or two, that other employees drive. No matter how many you own, a car is a sizeable investment and you’ll want to know if its being used in any efficient way. Furthermore, you want to know if your employees are using their own time efficiently. If your car is being used in ways you don’t authorize, you will be alerted when this occurs. You can define locked zones and receive alerts when your car enters or leaves this area.

You can view the location of your cars in real-time and access driving history and driving behavior analysis to see not only where the car is being driven but how aggressively or responsibly. You can also ensure that safety of your drives by identifying whether your car is stuck on the side of the road or has made it to its destination successfully.

Having a vehicle stolen is a stressful event. With TrackingFox GPS Tracker, you’ll be able to see where your vehicle is at all times. Finding stolen property is the primary impediment to recovering that property, so being able to find it will help immensely in putting the ordeal behind you.

Low-quality GPS trackers have short battery life and have to be constantly recharged. They also don’t offer the great features that TrackingFox GPS Tracker does, nor do they have the ability to add additional sensors, cameras and alarms that can give you the custom security solution you want for all your vehicles.

TrackingFox GPS Tracker is a great investment for any business. For many companies, their vehicles are their most significant investment. TrackingFox GPS Trackers helps protect them from theft and abuse. This could potentially help reduce not just wear and tear on your vehicles but save on fuel costs as well.

A company that relies on drivers also has an investment in its employees. Keep tracking of your car’s location also helps protect them in case of accidents, car trouble or other mishaps that could potentially take place. TrackingFox GPS units can be installed in less than a minute and work with any car manufactured since 1996. They’re a great investment for securing your vehicles and employees, not to mention all the other cost-saving benefits. Order TrackingFox GPS Trackers for your business today at trackingfox.com.


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