Why You Need The Peugeot 3008 For Sale QLD Is All-In For

This year is brimming with cars that are dashingly sharp in appearance as they are smooth on the road. And we can definitely say that the Peugeot for sale QLD dealers have on sale will bring you nothing but quality and comfort. 

Your Guide To The Peugeot 3008: Upgraded Features

Because Bold Is Sleek And Stunning 

Much like the Peugeot 5008 GT for sale, the 3008 is, to put it bluntly, phenomenal and stamped with one of the features the brand is easily distinguishable by⁠— full headlights equipped with a light signature. Not to mention Peugeot’s signature fog lights coupled with sequential indicator lights, highlighted and made more intense with LED. 

Driving Ease But A Warrior On Rougher Roads 

In terms of how they glide on the road, automobiles are usually categorized into two. The first— no-fuss, steady, and family-safe drives. The second—combatants that won’t let traction-fighting, uneven surfaces get in the way of a seamless cruise down the horizon. 

Well, the Peugeot for sale QLD has its eye on is a perfect blend of the two. If you’re searching for a family-worthy car, this one’s it. It coasts like no other even in longer than average drives. We’re talking about road trips and the like, from boring highways to unpredictable terrain.

Tight corners, pavements that are laden with rocks, slippery mud, potholes, you name it… here is a vehicle that can handle well, without transmitting too many oscillations from where you’re seated.

3008 Power And Resilience: Enhanced Engine And Gear

Two-Engine Selection. So It’s All You 

Directly tied into what we have stated earlier, you can choose between turbo petrol and turbo diesel

The first is all about a 1.6-litre capacity for its engine. You’d think that these numbers may be too small to carry the leg work that a large petrol car requires and an automobile that’s an SUV-type at that. But the beauty of a Peugeot Expert for sale is that its turbo is exactly what compensates it. Plus, it carries nil in terms of penalty when it comes to traffic and without any surges.

As for the turbo petrol, it’s all about light-weightedness. It’s lighter than the other by somewhere around 200 kg. Still, there’s nothing to worry about. When talking about manual-gearbox, this 6-speed baby is as familiar as “familiar” gets because of its standard make. Only, “standard” here equates to quality-maintained.  

If you’ve been driving a 6-speed transmission before, you won’t have to go through drastic adjustments with the Peugeot 3008. 

On-Board Technology Like You’ve Never Seen 

Or at least, we assume that you haven’t, when it comes to front-wheel-drives. But the Peugeot van for sale Aussies admire has optimum navigation systems and driving aids. And mind you, they are, of course, within a touch of your fingertips. Literally. 

Map-updating will be less of a nuisance as the Peugeot allows you to do so on a regular basis. Direct updating into its mapping system is now possible. Roadblocks, traffic, re-routing, and pedestrian zones can be inputted in an instant. 

Instrument Panel, Sans Any Operational Hassles

The Peugeot 3008 for sale Brisbane clients rave about has a digital instrument panel, brand-new and improved, for a more user-friendly operation. With 6 display modes to choose from, these components are what a front-wheel-drive needs, not to mention customisation for accessibility.

Moreover, the Peugeot for sale QLD shoppers adore has the panel lined and propped up in an ideal location and position. Your field of vision will be as clear as day, without being blocked by bulky screens and touchpads. By the way, this one got a touchscreen with multi-function capabilities.

Have we mentioned its Mirror Screen function? You can utilize your Smartphone to quickly replicate related apps and link them to the 3008’s touchscreen.

Key Takeaway

Even to this day, Peugeot remained consistent in terms of driver and passenger comfort. Its striking and stylish body is now even more sophisticated, thanks to its refined engine and transmission combo. Top it off with eye-candy interiors that never disappoint and you’ve got yourself a car that makes you feel like a winner. 

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