Why You Need an Orthotics For your Foot

The pain of the foot is a frequent but debilitating condition. A study by the Australian Podiatric Medical Association shows that more than 50% of Australian have been reported to have missed work due to severe foot pain.

Your feet bear the whole burden of your body when you run or walk and they also support a portion of your weight when just sitting in a chair. So, they’re exposed to lots of daily impacts.

As we age or are extremely active, a majority suffer from problems with our feet due to the constant pressure on our feet. However, foot pain requires a visit at the podiatrist’s office to be evaluated and treatment options.

A podiatrist can examine your foot to determine the root of the discomfort. For treatment for foot pain, the podiatrist might even suggest a straightforward non-invasive treatment called orthotics.

What are Orthotics?

Orthotics are specially-designed shoe inserts that serve as shock absorbers. But they can do more than simply add padding inside your shoes. They reduce stress and pressure placed upon your feet. This is crucial in reducing foot pain.

The best type that of orthotics will properly help your feet to be in alignment in a way that restores balance, as well as alleviate pain in other parts of your body that could be caused by the foot’s imbalance. Feet are incredibly complex components of the body and there’s no standard method to treat them.

A reputable and experienced podiatrist can design custom orthotics that address your foot discomfort. PedAlign(tm) is a digital casting technique that is developed to create custom orthotics specifically for your feet. The orthotics can be tailored to meet your individual needs and address your foot-related issues.

The Customized Orthotics You Need for Your Feet

The wrong orthotics could make your foot pain more severe. Only a certified podiatrist is able to evaluate your feet and develop custom orthotics designed specifically for your specific feet. PedAlign orthotics are designed to address your foot problems and alleviate the pain that you’re experiencing, regardless of whether it’s your toes or heel, or even your arch.

If you’ve ever purchased shoe insoles at your local shoe shop or drugstore and you’ve experienced how difficult it can be to find the correct size to fit your feet. It’s easy to settle for insoles that aren’t doing much to solve your particular foot problem but instead make your shoes feel more comfortable inside.

With the help of orthotics prescribed by a doctor, however, you are able to wear a variety of footwear without experiencing any pain in your feet. They could even help relieve your foot pain completely.

Correcting Deformed Feet

Deformities in the feet can be addressed with customized orthotics. They can alleviate any pain sensations caused by unusual pressure points and instead offer complete foot support. Your feet also benefit from improved positioning as well as improved posture and greater overall performance of your lower extremities.

Custom-designed PedAlign orthotics are made specifically for your foot concerns by taking into account the shape of your feet, knee or back issues as well as whether you have arches that are high or flat feet.

The Foot Doctor in Perth

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