Why You Need a Cloud-based Solution for Your QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks accounting software comes with various benefits, such as easing the work of CPAs and bookkeepers. The software enables a more accurate accounting process, while eliminating any cumbersome and lengthy tasks. With technological advancement, accountants are opting for hosting QuickBooks in the cloud instead of the traditional means of installing the accounting software on a computer. This method comes with lots of risks like loss of sensitive data.

Cloud computing is an emerging technology that has also found a place in the accounting world. Similarly, several solution providers like Swizznet QuickBooks hosting can help maximize an organization’s potential by streamlining the accounting process. QuickBooks cloud hosting has the following advantages: 

Fosters Collaboration

QuickBooks on the cloud enables collaboration on multiple devices regardless of the number of users. Notably, the users can collaborate from different locations. You only need an internet-enabled device with an operating system installed. 

Promotes Remote Working

Remote working has evolved in the last two years, mainly due to the pandemic. With cloud hosting, QuickBooks accounting software ensures firms get the freedom to access their data remotely on any device. Compared to traditional software installation, cloud hosting allows efficient working while minimizing the spread of the virus. 


Data breaches have become common amid the coronavirus pandemic, and businesses need solutions that guarantee security. However, QuickBooks cloud hosting offers a foolproof solution to guarantee safety against data breaches. Some of the providers come with sophisticated features like Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems, bank-grade data encryption, antimalware, among others. Note that data breaches can have a lasting impact on a business, like losing industry reputation. 

Enhanced Performance

Cloud hosting offers accountants an opportunity to integrate multiple applications with their QuickBooks solution. The add-ons work effectively as opposed to using desktop software. They also ensure you can process large data sets in less time and increase organizational productivity.


Most cloud solutions are cost-effective with a pay-as-go payment model. QuickBooks cloud hosting also offers flexible payment packages that small and medium-sized businesses can utilize.

Factors to Consider When Selecting QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Provider


Select a reliable hosting service provider that can offer services without breakdowns. It is advisable to go for a hosting provider established in the market with a good reputation. Look out for other factors like customer support and uptime. 


Different providers come with varied pricing structures. Watch out for highly discounted introductory prices since they might be too good to be true. To understand what you will be paying for, inquire about the QuickBooks full features like security and customer services and compare it with your needs. 

Understand Your Needs

Having a complete list of your needs will help you narrow down on the right service provider. Focus on providers that meet your business specification and should cover all elements of your business. 


Hosting Quickbooks on the cloud comes with a host of benefits to businesses in general. Businesses are guaranteed added advantages like increased productivity, efficiency, and agility to your organization. With a host of providers in the market, it is vital to carefully select an entity you can trust your business with.