By using new techniques of science, the technology has been developed in the world. Things got easier day by day by using these technologies. Now you can easily make whipped cream at home very easily and in a cheaper way. A whipped cream is nowadays very well known . Many benefits can be attained by using the whipped cream charger. You can now make restaurant style cakes and custards etc at home . Beautiful decorations on  cakes and other sweets can be done by whipped cream chargers at home . 


The cylinder is about 2.5 inches in length and, 0.7 inches in width.Its rounded at one end and narrow at the second end. By making cream on this charger, only one cartridge is used . These are 100% recyclable.


These cylinders are used as a tool for making whipped cream. The ingredients are filled ,  These ingredients  mixes up with the gas present in the cylinder and when stirred up, a bubbly cream starts to be prepared which is the required whipped cream . They are just for occasional use as kitchen or restaurants and coffee shops etc. Proper tanks system are there for filling the larger capacity of cream  for commercial use. The volume of its production level is about 10 litres per hour or more than that..

At local level like home kitchens, the cakes or custard may be whipped using these chargers.  Beside that there is a lot of usages of this charger. The Bubbly cocktail can also be made by using cream canisters. Accessories can also be attached to the whipped cream charger so you can decorate any cake or other things.

How it works?

Well, here the whipping agent as the charger. When it starts working ,all the ingredients inside the dispenser get stirred with the  ( nitrous oxide) , a lot of bubbles are created and give the whipped texture that people are loving it madly.

Buying and selling :

The whipped cream chargers are sold under various brand names such as nitrous whip, bestwhip, speed whip and also many others. You can also buy these whipped cream chargers in the grocery shops and also in health stores and online too. You can even get them delivered day and night from nangs delivery services. They came in boxes each having 10 or 50 chargers.

Legal or illegal to supply?

It is not illegal to supply the whippets for commercial or personal use. However cream chcargers cannot be sold to someone who may misuse them.  


A new addition to the kitchen.

The obtained cream  is more voluminous and foamier.

No tired hands  and great product . 

The cream   is very softer than the hand  version.


Top 5 best whipped cream chargers:

These are as follows:

1- N2O charger by Foma gas.

2- Creamright ultra-purewhip

3- Whip-it

4- 120 count 8 gram cartridges

5- Ultrapure whip cream charger-case of 300

Where you can buy it?

These chargers are sold at head shops or grocery stores under the brands EZ-whip or any other. They came there in boxes of 24 or 12. 

Price range:

As we all know, beauty doesn’t come cheap. However most of the whipped cream chargers’ prices are from 50$ to 100$ .

Whipped cream time to last? 

The charged cream dispenser can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two or three weeks. The nitrous oxide inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Some tips:

1- Not for sale to people under 18.

2- Don’t inhale, it’s dangerous.

3- Store in a dry and cool place.

4- Never dispose of full charger 

5- They should kept away from heat.

6- Keep out of the reach of children