Why We Should Buy the Best Comfortable Workout Shoes

Working out. It’s one of the most effective ways of living a long healthy life. But when done wrong, it can lead to debilitating physical injuries and a lifelong aversion to the gym. One of the biggest mistakes we see is people wearing the wrong footwear for exercising

We’re always asked if running shoes are suitable for every exercise and the answer is simple. No. Many shoes look fashionable and athletic, but are unsuitable for working out. 

To get the most out of exercising, we should buy the best comfortable workout shoes possible. 

They Reduce Injuries

The most important aspect of workout shoes is injury reduction. 

The best workout shoes, especially those designed for a specific exercise, offer the right level of grip and support needed for exercising. This protects you against injuries like sprains or breaks, as well as long term injuries like tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.

They’re Comfortable

Comfortable shoes allow you to perform at your best. When it comes to working out, even a slight distraction can be the difference between big gains and a slow day. Uncomfortable shoes can take your mind off your goal — but they can also cause more long term problems. 

If your workout shoes cause discomfort, there’s a good chance they’ll only get worse. Shoes that rub will go on to cause blisters. These can severely hamper your progress. Aches and pains caused by your shoes can lead to more serious injuries like tendonitis and plantar fasciitis as mentioned above. 

It’s worth noting that shoes which are comfortable when you first try them on will not necessarily be comfortable while working out. You’ll need to test the shoes through a range of movements. Walk around the store, do some lunges, butt kicks, high knees etc. This will give you an idea if the shoes are going to pinch or rub. It’s also best to try them on at the end of the day when your feet will be at their largest.

They Look Good

Although this should be the last thing you worry about, having good looking training shoes can help build your confidence. And we all know, a confident athlete is a powerful athlete. That extra two percent can be the difference between hitting a new PB and not.

They Improve Performance

Shoes built for working out allow you to get the best out of yourself. This is especially true if you buy shoes specifically designed for a single activity. The support and traction on offer allow you to make the most of your body. No one wants to be held back by their footwear!

There’s a ton of different shoes suited to different workouts — no one shoe is going to be one size fits all. All-round workout shoes are excellent if your training plan involves a wide range of activities. However, if you’re only focussing on one or two areas, it’s worth looking for specialised shoes. 

Running Shoes 

Running shoes tend to have a lot of cushioning to absorb the impact of heavy footfalls. They often feature a heel counter to keep your foot stable as you run too. With good traction and low overall weight, running shoes are built to keep you fresh on your feet. 

Aerobic Shoes 

Like running shoes, aerobic shoes are well cushioned and lightweight. They reduce fatigue and allow you to move quickly between different poses and exercises. They offer more lateral support than running shoes and tend to feature a flatter sole. 

Tennis Shoes 

Much like aerobic shoes, tennis shoes provide good lateral support and have a flexible sole. They tend to have more ankle support which is perfect for the courts but can be restrictive in the gym. 

Basketball Shoes (High Tops)

High top basketball shoes feature a lot of ankle support and thick rigid soles. They tend to have a ‘herringbone’ tread pattern which provides maximum grip on polished wooden courts. Again, these are not suitable for the gym. 

Weight Lifting Shoes 

Weight lifting shoes are the least versatile shoe for working out. They’re only good for weight lifting. The firm sole improves balance and you won’t waste energy compressing it while lifting. They provide good traction and deliver a ton of support to your feet. 

Final Thoughts

Comfortable shoes will make a big difference to your workout. They allow you to perform at your best, protect you from injury and help keep you happy while training. 

If you’re working on several areas, a good pair of all-round training shoes are ideal. However, if you’re focussing on just one training regime, it’s worth getting some specialised shoes to help you perform at your best.