Why we need refrigerated couriers

Chilled courier transportation is simply vehicles which are refrigerated to ensure a temperature-calibrated environment, ideal for transporting sensitive consignments, food, beverages, ingredients, sensitive medical supplies or biological domains such as blood or tissue. No end of food companies are also making the use of this service too. These are often very delicate items or items that are in fact perishable.

When it comes to perishable products, they need to arrive at their destination in good condition. If they were not transported in refrigerated vans, they can and will be very easily damaged. It is vital they get from A to B in the most correct means and format of transport. There is a great deal of investment made in ensuring firms are able to get clients goods from A to B in the cleanest and most stress free manner. This is where and how refrigerated couriers can really help. Good refrigerated couriers will know how to best load these items.

How these vehicles work

To insulate refrigerated food from external heat and temperature, transport vehicles are equipped with a refrigeration system, not dependent on traditional energy sources like diesel or electricity. These systems usually have tools such as a compressor, condenser or an evaporator. They all help maintain the temperature inside between -35ºC and 22ºC. Of course, for this insulation to be 100% effective in transport, the food must be at the temperature inside the vehicle before it is loaded. This avoids breaking the cold chain and allows for proper preservation, as well as avoiding unnecessary refrigeration costs. A good refrigerated courier will be able to help with all of this.

Useful for the cosmetics industry

The cosmetic industry relies heavily on the accessibility of refrigerated courier trucks. This is due to the chemical impact that heat and direct sunlight have on beauty products. Heat exposure causes wax, oil and water to separate which sabotages the effectiveness of the product. Perfumes react similarly to heat and sunlight by oxidising when overexposed, resulting in a spoiled scent. And, when it comes to natural products, due to the lack of preservatives in the composition of the product, they can be much more sensitive and reactive to bad bacteria caused by heat.

Food is the main user of this service

Fresh food needs to be kept at a safe temperature, especially meat, dairy products and other perishables. If you regularly ship food samples, cooking subscriptions and anything similar, using temperature controlled deliveries will prove to be very helpful. Not only will this benefit your customers who will receive high-quality goods but your business won’t be associated with health and safety issues.

Scientific supplies also have a use for this service

Samples and hazardous materials also need to be kept at a safe temperature. This too is why many laboratories and similar establishments use temperature controlled delivery systems. When being delivered to different locations, they may need to be stored at a particular temperature. They will also need to be in specialised cool vans. This can prove to be very beneficial, particularly when being moved from one lab to another.


One of the biggest benefits of temperature controlled deliveries is that you’ll have total peace of mind. You can know that your goods are kept safe. This usually means less risk and a better reputation. If your goods repeatedly arrive spoiled or unusable, before long you’re going to be known for your mistakes. Investing is a reliable delivery service is a great way of maintaining a professional standard of work. Good refrigerated couriers will be able to add endless value to your business.

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