Why Visit Belfast – Northern Ireland?

Belfast may be on the smaller side when it comes to capital cities, but you shouldn’t let its size fool you. Bustling with incredible nightlife and top-class restaurants. Buckets of history down every street, Belfast is a deeply cultured city with a great deal to offer its visitors. black cab tours belfast offers a great insight into the past and an era of what became known as the troubles.

The tours are taken by real black taxi drivers who worked through the troubles and deliver a primary view pointed experience. While traveling through no-go areas between the walls of divide and peace lines you will discover the troubles and the timeline to the peace process. For those who like heights and the open-air, the Belfast hop on hop off tour is by far the favorite way for me as a traveller, the tour offers the benefits of multilingual for non-English speakers and caters an onboard audio recording in 6 languages.

Game of Thrones was filmed in Northern Ireland and HBO took full advantage of the well-known beauty spots for filming the show. The local tourist industry has really benefited from this with fans of the smash hit show traveling in from all corners of the globe to do a day tour. On the 2nd day in N Ireland we went on a game of thrones tour from belfast. The tour provided us with actual props used on the show, this was great as we got to dress up. We also got the added bonus of visiting the Giants Causeway, and leared all about the local myths and legend of the area. For non-fans of game of thrones there is also giants causeway tours departing Belfast every day.