why vastu consultant in Kolkata strictly forbids toilet in North East zone

When it comes to making vastu compliant floor plan, vastu consultant in Kolkata forbids placing toilets randomly. 

Random toilet placement can after all result in triggering vastu defect in both home and office properties. However, placement of it is strictly forbidden in North East zone of the vastu. 

Let us see the reason for this as explained by expert vastu consultant in Kolkata

There are 16 zones in vastu, which represents some unique aspects for its residents. 

Out of these, only 3 are suitable for toilet placement. Namely- East of South East, west of North West and South of South west zones. Toilet in any other zone can trigger defects in vastu. 

If it is in say East of North East zone, it will ruin fun and recreation aspects of its occupants. This too is a defect, but not a major one. It can be easily corrected with space surgery technique. 

However, if you place the toilet in North East zone, it will trigger major defects. You see it happens so because the North east zone is the direction where Lord shiva resides himself. 

Thus you will hear vastu consultant in Kolkata refer this direction as ishan zone as well. This is most suitable for the placement of temple. 

No matter if it is a residential vastu or commercial vastu, placing the toilet or even septic tank in the North East zone is strictly forbidden. 

If you place the toilet in the North East zone of the house, if will ruin all the godly energies of the vastu and might ruin the energy of the entire property as well. 

The toilet in North east zone is considered as a major defect by vastu consultant in Kolkata. Meaning you cannot fix the same entirely through the vastu remedies. 

Vastu remedies like space surgery technique and centre energizing can uplift the vastu effectively, but still it will not be able to correct it 100%. 

However, if there is an extra toilet in the home, you can use the one in the ishan zone only for bathing purpose. 

Using it for passing stool, urinating Or washing clothes should be prohibited strictly. You must not urinate while bathing in this toilet either. 

Toilet vastu must never be taken lightly as it can make or break the vastu for the overall property. 

For more information on vastu compliant floor plan for the home or office space, get in touch with the expert vastu consultant in Kolkata of Vaastu Mangaal. 

Description- vastu consultant in Kolkata reveals the harm of toilet placement in the North East zone of the vastu.


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