Why Use the Pizza Creator App in your Pizzeria

Congratulations, you own your Pizzeria. With lots for pizza to make, deliver, and receive payments for, running a pizzeria can present a whole lot of stress. I know you will be contemplating if you need a pizza creator app, don’t worry we have great news.

The Pizza Creator App helps take away this stress and makes you work easier and more efficient. Find out more about the Pizza Creator and why you should incorporate it in your Pizzeria.

What is the Pizza Creator App?

Baking, in general, is regarded as a science. With so many pizzas to make, you must get them all right. Making a great pizza is largely dependent on using just the right amount of ingredients. Too much or too little, if any ingredient could adversely affect the quality of your pizza, and you wouldn’t want that now, would you?

According to POSQuote, The Pizza Creator application was made to simplify and hasten the task of making pizza. The Pizza Creator is an online application that helps you calculate the amount of pizza dough needed. Not just that, the application helps you with the customization of your pizza and so much more. Furthermore, you can run the pizza creator application on any HTML supported device like a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Read on to find out just what the Pizza Creator app has to offer.

What can Pizza creator Application help you do?

There are several things the Pizza Creator can help you with as a pizzeria owner. The app caters to the various needs of pizzerias. Some of the things this app can help you with include

  • Pizza Creator helps you prepare the amount of pizza dough you need and preserves the proportion of ingredients used in case you need to prepare it another time.
  • It comes in handy while you are working in your Pizzeria.
  • Pizza Creator makes customizing your pizza much easier.
  • You can select the type and amount of toppings you want to be added to the pizza.
  • The app allows you to set and customize other modifiers, like the size of your pizza, type of crust, and sauce type.

Why Should I Install the Pizza Creator App for My Pizzeria?

The reasons why you should install this app are endless because there are a lot of things that this app can do to help make your Pizzeria better.

Pizza Creator app comes with a unique visual feature that allows you to customize your pizza orders more efficiently. The Pizza Creator includes a graphical display of a pizza that you can customize to suit your needs. This display also comes with complete split topping options.

With the app, you can select which toppings you want on each pizza and where. You can choose to place the toppings all over the pizza or just on the left or right half of the pizza. The app has an order screen where the pizza’s image with the toppings is displayed as you add them. Depending on the type of Pizza Creator you install, you may be able to see few or even all of the topping you have selected for your pizza.

Which Pizza Creator App Can I Use?

The Lavu Pizza Creator App is certainly great, and we recommend it. Lavu Pizza Creator app allows you to design simulated pizzas that you can easily bake, price, and deliver to customers. The Lavu Pizza Creator, in conjunction with the Lavu Customer Management feature, is one of the essential apps you will need to run your Pizzeria. This pizza creator has the standard features of the normal pizza creator and then some extra.

The Customer Management feature helps you improve your customer’s experience. It creates new customer profiles or accesses existing customer profiles by searching for basic information, such as name or phone number, easily. Your employees can access the customer’s address to aid delivery and access their previous orders to remind your loyal customers of their usual orders. The database obtained from Customer Management software is stored on the cloud servers, granting you access to the data.

The customer profile data option in Customer Management may be designed to meet your business needs. For consistency, all data fields should be customized as a mandatory entry. The fields can be set up to print on receipts, which benefits delivery locations.  Other fields include birthday, company, and a field that asks the customer how they heard about it.

The Pizza Creator is available to all Lavu software levels, and you can access it if you are currently using the Lavu software. You can enjoy this Customer Management feature as a gold subscriber.

What Other App Do I Need for My Pizzeria?

Well, now that you have gotten the pizza creator app, you might want to go a step further. Payment is an important aspect of your business. What better way to improve sales than to have a seamless payment option?

 You will need a pizza point of sale system that can handle the crowd your Pizzeria is sure to get. Some great Pizza Point of Sale Systems includes Revel, Square, Speedline, and Toast. Your choice of Pizza POS will depend on the amount you have budgeted for it.

We recommend Revel System because it generally suits most pizzerias’ needs and is not expensive (It costs just 99 dollars a month). The Revel system has features like employee management, customer relations management, and reports that can be customized. The Revel system has a long list of unique features designed to transform your check out point.


Making pizza is an act that requires accurate measurements, among many others. The Pizza Creator app aids the calculation of the number of ingredients you need to make a specific pizza dough quantity. The app also helps you visually represent your customized pizza, complete with toppings just how you like it. For pizzeria owners, the Pizza Creator app is necessary to give your Pizzeria the much-needed boost. On a different note, if you are an entrepreneur or a start-up that would like to venture into the pizzeria industry, you can start by looking into the franchising space and try to find potential pizza franchise opportunities that fit you perfectly.