Why Use Granite Worktops Chelmsford?

Worktop is one of the main aspects in the kitchen that is not only important but has a significant effect on the overall appearance of the kitchen. A countertop is an item that is placed either in the middle or attached to the walls. It is a horizontal solid space that is used to prepare meals and place necessary condiments on it while preparing food. It has not only made working in a pantry easy but also boosts the look and feel of the cooking area. Many materials are now used for counters such as marble, quartz, and granite worktops Chelmsford. Following are some tips on which material to use for counters and why.

Why Granite?

The best natural stone to use for countertops is granite because of its benefits. Although marble and quartz are also used widely for this purpose, there are some factors that this stone covers. Here are the benefits:


The best thing about granite worktops Chelmsford is that they cannot break easily, which means it is tough and perfect for kitchen use as well as the bathroom. Marble is considered the least in this advantage because marble can be cracked, whereas quartz is even tougher than they all are.


When working in the cooking area, it is common for the solid surface to get scratches from knife work while cutting eatables. However, with granite, the chances of scratches and scrapes decline as this stone is naturally scrape resistant.


Another common happening is liquid spills whether slabs are in a pantry or bathroom. Often these spills leave marks and cannot be removed, decreasing the overall look of the solid surface. But with granite worktops Chelmsford, stains, and marks can be avoided to great extent, as the surface can endure even tough stains. It is, however, advised not to let the spills on the surface as moisture can still damage the materials that might lead to permanent marks.


And here comes the best deal of using granite. This very natural stone is antiseptic, which makes it perfect for restrooms and cooking areas. As food is placed on the surface, it should always be clean and bacteria-free so you can enjoy healthy meals every time. Although it is naturally antibacterial, you should still clean it with mild cleaning agents to ensure safety and cleanliness.


This part is very important because everything can provide advantages when they are taken care of. If things are used roughly, they will lose the brilliance and would not be the same. Therefore, is it very important to upkeep the worktops so that they can be used for a prolonged period? Never use harsh cleaning chemicals, as they will ruin the surface and damage it as well. Cleaning the slab with a wet cloth is sometimes enough but once a week use mild cleaning agents for a thorough cleanup. Make sure there is no direct sunlight as extended exposure of sunlight can fade the color of the slab.

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