Why turnstile gate need to be equipped with face recognition system

Why do we still need to put face recognition on the pedestrian turnstile gate? In fact, where a pedestrian turnstile gates needs to be installed, it must have certain security functions. Face recognition plays a great role at this time.

Let’s take the community as an example. There are a lot of people in the community, it is difficult to notice that occasionally a few people mix together. Community theft is also common. In the face of this situation, we can not stop those people, but we can prevent the occurrence of events. Face recognition system has strong security ability.

Everyone get used to strangers entering the community, but there is no good way to record these person, facial recognition system can help you record it. Under the monitoring of face recognition system, strangers need to provide ID card to verify their real name when entering the community, and face recognition will collect face images. Once the person does something wrong, the image is put into the blacklist system. The face recognition system will automatically alert and display the person’s details the next time when the person is verified again.

Tracking events also occur from time to time, and facial recognition systems will help you reduce damage. As the tracker continues to track, the facial recognition system is able to identify the person, even if he wears a hat, glasses, masks and a range of other protective equipment, and in the absence of light, he is tightly covered. Face recognition systems are particularly important in this less peaceful society.

Face recognition supports various forms of character verification. Whether from the point of view of intentional bias, all kinds of strange expressions, or people with different skin colors, can recognize faces, which not only ensures personal safety, but also contributes to the development of security industry.

Now we can see the application of face recognition turnstile gate in some high-end intelligent communities, which is almost unimaginable for many of us. Face recognition systems that were previously seen in movies and television will get closer and closer to our lives. All types of turnstile gate can be integrated with face recognition from Mairsturnstile. If you need turnstile gate, please check here.

And many market experts are also bold in predicting that most of the turnstile gate will be equipped with face recognition system in the future, so why are so many people optimistic about face recognition turnstile gate? let’s take a look at the advantages of the face recognition turnstile gates.

I. Security

Face recognition turnstile gate system will dynamically analyze the face in the video to determine whether it is a real face, and the face recognition turnstile gate will use high-definition camera to effectively identify high-definition photos, PS, 3D models, face change and other fake fraud means to ensure that the traffic is himself. This almost cut off the possibility of outsiders entering and leaving, so there is no doubt that the face recognition turnstile gate occupies a great advantage in security.

2. Convenient and Fast

At present, most of the turnstile gates in the market are swipe card or QR code turnstile gates, and face recognition turnstile gates can be brushed at the scene to verify the passage of face diagnosis and abduction, without carrying cards and other items for verification. At the same time, the face recognition turnstile gate can be used to carry luggage or wheelchair, more flexible and changeable.

3. Long life

The service life of face recognition turnstile gate is generally higher than that of most of the turnstile gates. This is because the brushless DC motor is used between the face recognition turnstile gate, and the encoder replaces the driving function of the motor. In this way, the face recognition turnstile gate can ensure the rapid and accurate rotation of the door swing and solve the mechanical fatigue problem of the movement, so the loss will be smaller and the natural life will be extended.