Why top vastu consultant in Kolkata focus on equipment vastu for factory

While going vastu for factory, the top vastu consultant in Kolkata considers many attributes of the same. But they highly focus on the placement vastu for its equipment. 

In this blog, we will explore the reasons why vastu for factory includes most ideal machinery placement as per top vastu consultant in Kolkata.

The vastu for factory is a detailed analysis that takes account of numerous factors. These includes, the vastu of the plot, the factory building, office and temple placement, vastu of work station, washroom, pantry, parking lot, and so on. 

However, top vastu consultants in Kolkata consider the most crucial ones to be the ideal placement of the equipment. 

Significance of vastu for factory equipments

Irrespective of the type, the most number of accidents that happens in production units involve these machineries. 

Fire explosion, getting burns, getting injuring due to running machines are some of them. Moreover, having frequent breakdown of machinery or overheating can cause interruption in the factory work. 

Thankfully, with right vastu placement as per top vastu consultants in Kolkata, we can make sure such accidents can be minimized significantly. 

Moreover, vastu for factory make sure that their operation goes smooth and reduces the chances of breakdown of machinery. 

Altogether, it can improvise various aspect of the factory and business.

This includes mainly 2 types- the heating equipment and the other machinery.  Let us explore them, one by one.

Placement of the heating equipment of factory

Irrespective of the type of manufacturing it is involved in, every factory has heating equipment. Top vastu consultant in Kolkata considers any equipment that either produces heat for manufacturing or gets heated due to its operation.

In short, any machinery that endures high temperature comes under this category. Needless to say, this includes boilers, furnaces, and ovens. But it also includes energy meters, generators, transformers, etc.

Top vastu consultants in Kolkata recommends placing all the heating equipment in zone of fire itself. 

Since the South East zone represents the fire element; it is best to place such heating equipment in south east zone of the factory. 

Machinery placement vastu of factory

Apart from the heating equipment, there are other machineries that are critical in factory. They too, play crucial role in determining the vastu for factory.

There are 2 types of machineries that are used in factory works. These are namely, heavy and light machinery. 

Top vastu consultants in Kolkata suggests placing them in either East or North sides of the compound to ensure best vastu for factory

But never place them in the zones of North East, North West or South East in the factory. Doing so can act as a vastu defect and might bring severe ill-effects for the business. 

To know more about vastu for factory, contact the Top vastu consultants in Kolkata, Mr. Pinaki Pal, only at Vaastu Mangaal. Description- Lets explore the reasons why vastu for factory includes most ideal machinery placement as per top vastu consultant in Kolkata.