Why To Choose Intreistic Group Of Companies For Online Marketing?

In today’s era of digital world, almost every brands and businesses want to expand into the online space. If you are a business owner or want to start your online business? then you must select a digital agency. Well, the digital agencies are those who help you boost your online presence.

The Digital agency provides wide range of services including website development, application creation, website designing, logo designing, business card, social media creation, social media management, social media marketing, public relationship (PR) and brand promotion. So the task of digital agency is limited, that’s why you must select the proper agency for your online marketing.

Today, I would like to talk about Mr. Amar Patekar, an digital marketing specialist who started Intreistic Group Of Companies in 2020. In fact, Amar has been in the digital space for past few years. During the college time, he was influenced by the digital marketing and decided to start a career in that field only. After working for his friends and own projects, Amar decided to launch the digital marketing agency so that he can help others to achieve goals.

It was all started in 2020, since then he never looked back. Today, Intreistic Group Of Companies has 10+ staff members who handles dozens of clients worldwide. The goal of Amar Patekar is not to just attract more and more clients, instead he focus on providing quality services to existing clients. Due to that, some of his very old clients are still with him.

While most of digital agencies hire freshers without any marketing knowledge, Intreistic Group Of Companies invest into the real talent. They follow strict two steps verification process to hire a new staff member.  Amar consider his staff as a family and believes that without staff the agency is nothing.

During his free time, Amar reads books and online courses from Udemy and Skillshare. He strongly believe that digital marketing changes constantly and an agency should implement and test different strategies to match the clients requirements. Well, that’s right. Being an compay owner, one should have a knowledge of what works and what don’t? otherwise, you will ended up wasting time and your client’s budget too.

Official website: https://intreisticmedia.com/