Why There is a Need to Implement Call Center Software for Travel & Hospitality Industry?

In today’s time, the travel and hospitality industry has become the most digitally advanced sectors in terms of digital tools being used for planning, booking, and during every stage of the journey. The industry needs to be in constant communication with customers. In this competitive industry, it is essential for companies to provide an uninterrupted facility to the customers and satisfy them by being there with them even in case of emergencies. Customers expect excellent customer support and personalized service from travel and hospitality companies whether they are booking trips, hotels, flights, or searching for the best deals, or changing plans, they expect prompt and efficient service from these companies. If a company fails to do so, the chances are more that the customer will move to some other company. 

Key Concern for travel and hospital Industry

Below mentioned are the key concerns that most companies are facing in the travel and hospitality sector:

  • Lack of Omnichannel Support: These days, customers require support from businesses on various channels including voice, email, social media, chat, messaging, and many more. 
  • Low Agent Efficiency: Sometimes lengthy calls can affect the efficiency of agents. As a result, agents can’t focus on After Call Work (ACW) or other back-office tasks, within their predetermined working hours. 
  • Lack of Personalization: In order to deliver an exceptional customer experience, it is important to know the likes and dislikes of customers. Making the customers feel special goes a long way and put the business in a much better position. 
  • Higher Average Ticket Handling Time: Tracking previous customer history, communication data, and other important information at one place is quite challenging, which in turn results in very high average ticket handling time. 

In order to retain and create loyal customers, several companies in the travel and hospitality industry are opting for advanced technology. Digital transformation throughout the industry is making innovation in call center software a significant step to remain competitive. With the help of advanced Outbound Call Center Software, travel and hospitality companies are able to deliver the superior level of connection and engagement that today’s customers expect. 

Benefit of Call Center Solution for Hospitality Industry

With the help of call center software, customers can be provided with a more convenient and faster way to plan their travels. Below mentioned are some of the key benefits of a call center solution for the travel and hospitality industry:

  • Improved Communication: Before deciding on a travel package, customers need to get as much information as possible. Though a lot of information can be gathered from the website, having a conversation with a real person can deliver better results as an efficient call center agent knows how to convince a customer. With omnichannel call center solutions, travel and hospitality agencies can proactively engage with customers over a variety of digital channels. The agents can effortlessly provide important updates and notifications over text messages or in-app. Automatic emails can be generated with updated itineraries and other important information. Moreover, AI can be used to process payments across all channels. 
  • Enhanced Customer Service: In today’s time, the travel and hospitality industry thrives on superior customer service. Customer experience can make or break the brand reputation for travel and hospitality companies. A cloud-based call center provides omnichannel integration, which helps companies to serve their customers better. Customers can easily get connected to the support center through their choice of channel to get real-time information and updates on their bookings, get their issues resolved (if any), and can also talk to an expert for advice. Being always available to cater to the client’s requirements helps companies in providing optimum customer experience, which further results in happy and satisfied customers. 
  • Increased Productivity: Using call center software, companies can keep track of all the calls. It helps them to plan and execute better marketing campaigns for their business. Moreover, if customers are satisfied with the services provided by travel and hospitality companies, productivity is also bound to increase. This is due to the reasons that a satisfied customer who had a good experience in the past develops a higher trust value for your organization and is likely to return to the same company and may even recommend the company name to others who are willing to travel.
  • Saves Time: Nowadays customers prefer calling a real person for getting travel-related information instead of browsing a website for hours to find an ideal package for them. This not only helps them to get quick access to the information that they are looking for but also saves their valuable time which they can spend on planning various other things for their trip. With the help of a cloud-based call center, it has become much easier for the companies to deliver swift and efficient solutions to meet the varied requirements of their customers. This helps in saving a lot of time.
  • Personalized Touch: By integrating CRM software with a hosted phone system, the agents can access all the necessary information about a particular customer they are dealing with. When the agents have relevant information about the customer; they can add a personal touch to the service. They can guide the customers about an ideal package for their travel needs. Additionally, personalized service will make the customer feel special and valuable. 


The travel and hospitality industry is evolving at a rapid pace. To keep up with the pace, the travel and hospitality industry needs to get used to new technology to stay in the competition. Providing your customers with omnichannel communication and speedy service will lead to a great customer experience. This will further help to drive a business to success.