Why the Vehicle History Report (VHR) Matters When Buying a used Car

Before you buy a used car, learn as much as you can about its history. A vehicle history report can give you peace of mind when purchasing a used car and help you avoid wasting money on something that might not be worth it.

Here’s why it matters.

It Shows You if the Vehicle Has Been in an Accident

A vehicle history report indicates if the car has been in an accident. If the accident was minor,
(like a dent or scratch), the report would say so. If structural damages exist that need repair (such as an impact on another vehicle or a large pothole), this information would also be shown on your report.

If the accident was severe (like a collision with another car at high speed or a rollover), thiswould also appear on your report. And if there are no signs of damage but the owner has reported the incident to his insurance company anyway, this detail may also show up (though not always).

It Tells You How Much You Should Be Paying

The vehicle history report will tell you the value of the car you want to buy from used car dealerships Calgary. These reports often break down several factors that contribute to a car’s value, including mileage, year, condition, and features. Since these factors change over time due to wear and tear or other circumstances (like accidents), you should know what your car should be worth at any given point in its lifetime.

Once you know your car’s worth, it’s easy to determine if someone is trying to rip off the price by charging too much for their used ride.

It Reveals Previous Odometer Readings

A VHR will show if the odometer has been rolled back. If it has, the car’s actual mileage may be different than what’s stated on paper. So if a car has been driven 50,000 miles and sold as a 10-year-old vehicle with only 20k miles, that could be an issue.

This can happen if a dealer replaces an older car’s odometer with a newer one when they sell the car to someone else. Another way is for someone to reset the odometer themselves after buying used cars multiple times over time (like some questionable mechanics).

It Lets You Know if the Car Has Been Flooded or Branded as Salvage

If the vehicle has been branded as salvage on VHR, it’s deemed unroadworthy and cannot be insured by any company. This is usually due to an accident or severe damage from flooding.

So why does this matter? If you purchase a car that has been flooded or declared salvage, you can’t get insurance coverage. And if you do, it will be pretty costly. Plus, driving around with no insurance is illegal in many places.

It Indicates How Many Owners the Vehicle Has Had

The VHR will show you how many owners the car has had and if it has been in an accident or flooded. The fewer owners a car has, the more likely it was maintained well throughout its life. If many different people have owned a vehicle, it could mean that there have been problems with the vehicle that were not fixed properly or taken care of at all.

This can lead to expensive repairs down the road when you purchase the car from your dealer’s lot, so keep this in mind before making any decisions.

All in all, getting a vehicle history report is essential before you buy used cars Calgary. When you research adequately, the chances of ending up with a lemon reduce significantly.