Why Telepresence Is Beneficial For Manufacturing Companies

Telepresence robots are useful devices that have many applications in the manufacturing industry and other fields. Telepresence robots connect people to remote locations and allow them to see and interact with objects in real-time, making these robots great manufacturing tools. Here are some benefits of telepresence in manufacturing companies that you should know about.

If a machine malfunctions, you can obtain remote assistance

Not many manufacturing companies have 24/7 operations due to costs, so issues that pop up during off-hours are often dealt with once employees arrive at work. When a problem occurs in the middle of a shift or during a weekend, a company can’t afford not to be functioning at total capacity—but even if employees were there around-the-clock, they might not know how to fix certain issues. By using an affordable telepresence robot, manufacturers can keep their production lines running even when it’s inconvenient for workers to be on site. No matter what time of day an issue arises, they can log onto a robot and instantly talk with someone who knows how to fix things; they don’t need special training or travel expenses.

telepresence robot
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Get Your Customers To See Your Production Line

This is an excellent opportunity to save money and improve customer satisfaction by displaying your production line to your customers. Robots allow you to show how your company creates your product, answer any questions about their manufacturing process, and ensure that they are comfortable with it. 

Reducing Costs

Offering a virtual tour of your manufacturing facility can reduce overhead costs because you don’t need to hire additional representatives or send employees on special trips. Plus, a telepresence robot is only a fraction of what it would cost if you paid for personal visits from each customer who wanted a tour. 

You Can Communicate With Your Production Workers Anywhere, Anytime

Advances in video and audio technology mean that you can now have a face-to-face experience with your employees from anywhere, at any time. Research shows that better communication leads to less stress, happiness, and higher productivity. This is especially true when your employees are located halfway around the world. With a telepresence robot, you can quickly bring two locations together, so they feel like one – ensuring everyone has all available information up to date at all times.

Carry Out Floor Rounds 

If you’ve worked in manufacturing, you know that making rounds on floors is an integral part of any manager’s job. With a telepresence robot, you can get out into different areas without having actually to be there; just like making rounds. Whether it’s reviewing specific equipment or showing up at meetings or informal gatherings, being able to take advantage of even a few minutes of face time with co-workers and clients will make it more likely that they’ll welcome your next visit instead of dreading it. 

Train Your Team Remotely

When companies manufacture products globally, time and distance come into play. This means you can have workers located worldwide, which is excellent for your bottom line since you don’t need to be confined to one geographical location. However, that also presents challenges when training new workers or familiarizing yourself with people who work in other areas. Telepresence robots can now see and hear you as if you were there in person. While nothing can replace real-life interactions, telepresence robots make it easier for your team members to communicate and collaborate.