Why Teleduce Customer Support Software is best in the market?

We understand that customer service is significant and a mandate for every business.

The same goes with the best customer support software too.

It is equally important to put both the software and service in the first place.

Here’s why Teleduce is the best customer support software.


Auto-assign ticket to the specific agent in your team.

When there’s a  new ticket it will be automatically assigned to that particular agent ensuring no ticket is left unattended.

Auto set up SMS Reply

You can schedule a reply SMS well in advance to your customer based on his/her actions automatically without your team intervening.

Auto set up Email Reply

You can also set an Email Response way before your customer takes an action as we do with SMS.

  • You will receive a notification when there’s a new ticket raised by your customer. You can also set the notification based on the condition as well.
  • You can also track the ticket status and check if it is new, in progress or resolved.

Field customization

You are allowed to add, remove or customize fields in the support box.

This means, you can pay attention to only the fields that matter to you and avoid unnecessary fluff.


Contact and understand your customer until the issue is completely resolved.


Customer Support Software highlights overdue tasks.

Sends Reminders and Notifications about due tasks.

You can create multiple SLA’s unlike any other application and this feature is available in the seed plan also.

Transfer Tickets

You can transfer tickets between the support team or among the agents.

You can also transfer the ticket to another agent on an SLA breach.

Multi-level hierarchy

Team Management plays a vital role in resolving customer issues faster.

The support team is divided into different teams to handle various categories like Account Creation, Payment, Product Operations and so on.

So, when there’s a new customer request, it is assigned to a designated team.

Complete history

You can track all the activities of a ticket in the Support Box.

Ticket API

Your customer can create tickets using API also.

Tickets raised from multiple sources are shown with the help of API.


Teleduce is an integrated CRM software helping businesses to automate marketing, sales, and support with inbuilt communications.

So, there isn’t separate pricing for Teleduce customer service.

However, you can avail the entire CRM software at just Rs. 699/month/user.

Here are the plans:-

Seed: Rs.699/- per month. Most affordable pack for starters.

Sapling: Rs.1199/- per month. 62% of customers choose the Sapling plan along with cloud telephony.

Tree:  Rs.2499/- per month. It provides Multiple channel communication and advanced reporting.

There isn’t one help desk software providing all these features at a compelling price like Teleduce.

You will find extensive features within the seed plan itself at no extra cost for any added feature.

However, we don’t offer a separate plan for customer support alone. As we encourage you to go with integrated CRM Teleduce which drives you better results.

But, you can contact our sales team if you wish to choose the Customer Support feature.

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