Why Swift Is the Future for iOS App Developers

Do you know that the Swift programming language is making a massive change in the realm of ios app development? Swift is not only a success story mentioned by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple but also the future of ios app development. 

Swift: A Brief 

From the time Swift was announced by Tim in 2014, it has captured a significant market. Later, Swift was named as ‘the next big programming language’ and iOS developers across the world would be counting on it for the next 20 years. 

After Swift gained popularity in the highest preferred programming languages among iOS developers, Tim turned out to be quite definite in his statement.

Let’s get a brief about the language before we proceed with the intricacies of the Swift programming language. Swift is primarily created for the development of complex iOS applications to regale the diverse needs of various business domains. It is meant to build high-end apps with several complexities. 

Since Swift is considered very close to the English language, it’s easy to code and understand. Such a feature makes it highly friendly to freshers or someone who is just beginning their career as it simply maintains Xcode, thus, automatically managing the code errors in real-time. It benefits the iOS developers as it is an open-source language. 

Is it compatible with other devices like iPhone, Ipad, Watch, Macbook, Apple TV, etc? Well yes! Swift allows scalable apps for these which are basically all Apple products. Undoubtedly, Swift has become a powerful and most preferred iOS programming today. 

It is time to discover how Swift programming language is beneficial for iOS app development: Let’s get a sneak-peak to the key advantages of the Swift programming language and why it is better in all aspects. 

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Swift: Top Advantages

Open Source: 

Swift application development was completed by the Swift.org, a site for the open-source swift community and consists of source code, bug tracker, mailing lists, and normal development lists. Although swift runs only on a Mac, it is used to build apps for iOS, OS X, WatchOS, etc. Hence, Swift makes app development easier and safer while making the whole process enjoyable. 

Interactive Playgrounds:

Swift’s Playgrounds are beneficial to developers and allow them to bring out new graphics or algorithm routines. Moreover, Apple has included an inline code execution to playgrounds facilitating programmers to write an algorithm. Playgrounds shall also include comments using bullet lists along with embedded images and links. 


Swift fixes all the problems or errors of unsafe code. It will produce a compile error once you write inappropriate code. This overall helps in saving a lot of time and money required in fixing errors. 

In short, Swift is optimal for safety as it implies that if the developer selects the NIL option in any way, the language will activate a runtime crash to root out bugs in real-time. This most preferred language doesn’t let potential bugs continue in any manner. 

Quick and Powerful:

Swift uses a high-performance LLVM compiler to convert swift code into native code. It has improved incredibly by lowering down the legacy C conventions. It makes object categorization faster than other programming languages. 

Low Maintenance:

App development is not the end. Developers update it and keep it bug-free on a regular basis to ensure a great user journey.  Using Objective C, the developers maintain double codes to ensure efficiency.

Experimentation Possibility:

To let developers conceptualize the app, Swift, as an iOS app development language, embeds playground mode to ensure transparency. Such a feature simplifies things for the app developers. It gives them clarity on how the app will turn out and how things will move forward at the surface level.  

Moreover, Swift being the most reliable iOS programming language supports dynamic libraries. These denote executable bits of code that develop a link to an application. 

Source and Binary Compatibility

Swift coding language 5 ensures that developers don’t need to modify Swift 4 code for the new version of the compiler. All these features of Swift 5 can easily go for a new compiler and also ensures binary compatibility on developing a complex app. 


Now it is quite prominent that Swift is the future of ios app development when it comes to high-performing and complex apps. Based on the benefits, Swift will certainly cover the realm of app development charts in the upcoming years. There is a lot of information you can avail on Swift, Swift code, and everything related to programming languages. 

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