Why Study Accounting and Finance?

Your choice of career is among the most critical life decisions you will make as an adult.

Granted, you can make career changes along the way. However, these are often costly and disruptive to your career, finances, and family life.

It’s therefore imperative to get it right from the get-go.

Accounting and financing are two good disciplines to consider. While the two are intrinsically different, they complement each other pretty well, especially when combined.

The question remains, why study accounting and finance? Here are x reasons why.

1. You Get All the Help You Need

Students often shy away from accounting and finance because it involves a lot of math, erroneously thought of as a ‘’difficult’’ subject.

You will be happy to know that if you opted to take this route, you would have a lot of help along the way. Some numerous online blogs and tutorials take people through different concepts. Your lecturers and students are also always on hand to help when you get stuck.

If things get overwhelming, consider getting an accounting homework helper online to catch up with your studies.

2. You Have the Benefit of Stability

As important as technology has come to be, it has its downsides. Automation, for one, is taking over jobs and making some positions redundant.

The skills you acquire by studying accounting and finance lead to job roles that are difficult to automate. Some accounting functions can be automated. However, finance is about interrupting financial information and making decisions to steer companies forward.

This requires human input. If you are worried about stability, it will be a long time before bots replace accounting and financing graduates.

3. You Have Study Options

Accounting and finance is a course you can study physically in a traditional classroom setting or online.

The first advantage of online learning is that you get to choose an institution of your choice anywhere in the world. You need not relocate, and upon enrollment, you can study and attain certification from the comforts of home.

Other benefits are lower training costs and a flexible schedule as you can study when it’s most convenient for you.

4. All Industries Need These Professionals

Accounting and finances are among the few skills that are required in virtually all fields and industries.

Businesses have to crunch numbers and make sound financial decisions to steer them forward. This means that accounting and finance graduates are well in demand.

It does not end there. The principles of finance and accounting are the same the world over. This means that if working locally becomes less challenging for you, you can just as quickly find work in other countries. An ACCA qualification can qualify you to work in over 160 countries.

5. There are a lot of Specializations to Consider

If the idea of doing the same thing from your first till retirement does not sound appealing, you will be in luck with accounting and finance.

Some of the areas you can branch into include:

  • forensic accounting
  • environmental accountant
  • company secretary
  • eternal auditor
  • stockbroker
  • mortgage adviser
  • tax advisor
  • risk manager
  • corporate strategist

Some of these will require additional training along the way, while some allow you to branch out with your first degree in accounting and finance.

Final Word

As you can see, studying accounting and finance comes with a myriad of benefits—these range from study flexibility, job stability, work prospects, and a broad range of specializations.

To enjoy career longevity, work on your networking and soft skills and take the initiative to update your skills from time to time.


TBN Editor

Time Business News Editor Team