Why Students are Learning Animation?

Have you ever thought of creating an attractive and addictive animated cartoon of your own? Now coming to the point. If you are really interested in animation you might be thinking about whether animation has got some career scope or not. So in this article, we will be solving all your queries related to animation and its career prospects.

Reasons to study Animation

1. Great Career Opportunity

As per the most trusted reports of Forbes, by 2030, the global animation market is expected to grow at a 5.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) bringing the total market value to 642.5 billion US dollars. because of the popularity and diversity of animation, the job opportunities for animators are rapidly expanding. Not only that you could potentially work for a variety of other sectors as well. For instance:  the educational sector, medical, production, e-learning, advertising, and many more. After the completion of your animation course, you will be able to work as an art director, animator, character and background designer, graphic designer, special effects artist, illustrator, etc.

Can an Animation Courses help in Developing Soft Skills?

A certificate course or a diploma program in animation will provide you with a variety of subject-specific talents such as model-making and drawing (be it 2D or 3D animation), as well as a variety of transferable skills that are applicable to a variety of various vocations and sectors. Know: If 3D animators need to know about drawing or not.  Project and time management, attention to detail, communication, creativity, and problem-solving are all talents you’ll learn. All these skills are very crucial for an employee as well.

2. Creativity

Among the major advantages of studying animation is the opportunity to exercise your creativity. Animation provides a versatile platform for spreading your ideas, themes, objects, or characters in an engaging format. unlike real-world videos, animation is a medium that can be used for any purpose. Your working days will probably be varied and interesting after you complete the animation course and find your dream job.

3. Demand 

Businesses in almost every sector need animators due to the increased use of animation in social media. The growth of digitalization and the popularity of entertainment and gaming have also contributed to the increased demand for animators. An animated video can reach an international audience. Moreover, the animation is used both to entertain and to educate, with a lot of crossover between the two. Thanks to the animation, this powerful learning tool is versatile and universally appealing. 

There are various techniques to learn animation, preferably learning an animation course from a reputed institution is one of the best ways to gain in-depth knowledge.  If you’re having difficulty making your animation look right, look at how it would work in the real world. Watch YouTube videos or just observe how people move in different situations.  

Is the Animation Course Worthy After 10+2?

Animation is an interesting and creative career with growing demand for qualified individuals. This sector is all about how you acquire more skills with the passing of time. Moreover: there are numerous benefits to studying animation and taking animation  as a career option:

You will have the opportunity to use your imagination and present your ideas to the audience. You will learn many transferable skills that are applicable to other careers and sectors. And once you complete your animation course in Kolkata trust us, you will be having an excellent job prospect; not only that; you will also have a high earning potential depending on your skills.