Why sports and games are crucial for child’s overall development

Children are curious about their environment. The curiosity about environment and exploration of their surroundings starts even before birth. The inquisitiveness to know about the objects in their own environment is inherent in the new born. All the milestones are achieved in a playful manner. Sports are a serious game with rules and regulation. A toddler plays tiny games with the parents and their play mates before getting into the world of serious sports. The game or a sport can be indoor or outdoor, but they help in the overall development of a child. You should be aware of importance of sports and games.


These are some benefits of sports and games

Cognitive development

The sports and games help to develop the thinking skills of a child. The rules of a game and the strategy to win the game will make the children work to get the right skills to win. The games and sports increase the critical thinking and creative thinking skills of a child.

Physical development

Regular practice of an outdoor sport increases the stamina of a child. A child involved in athletics or any team sports tend to be healthier than a child who isn’t involved in any sport. The right and regular practice of a sport helps a child to be energetic and have a well build physique.

Leadership skills

Games and sports are directly and indirectly linked to the development of leadership skills in real life. Games like chess improve the rational thinking skills which is an essential skill for a leader. Team sports have a concept of captaincy which develops the leadership skill of a child. Games and sports teach a lot about planning and organizing which in turn help in developing the leadership qualities.

Interpersonal skills

Every sport or a game involves another player. The games or sports involve opponent members and team members. The real sportsmanship lies in taking the loss and win alike. Sports and games give a chance to mingle with other people and it develops the interpersonal skill of a child.

Increase the attention span

Sports and games involve strategy and concentration to win. The sports teach the art of focusing to the fullest of one’s capacity. Regular practice of a sport or game increases the attention span of a child. Child will show high concentration and achievements in academics on playing a sport or a game.

Builds up resilience

Sport or a game involves loss. A child may lose after a good practice, but it develops the ability to bounce back. A child learns to avoid the mistakes dome and overcome the loss.


Sport or game isn’t mastered in one day. It takes years to learn the art of a sport or a game. So, sports and games teach the art of working until the success is reached.


Sports and games must be a part of every child’s life. A child should be encouraged to take up a game or sports of his/her own interest as it will help in the overall development. For more information please click here.