Why SMEs Should Invest in Booklet Printing to Increase Exposure

While digital marketing has changed the game for many SMEs, print marketing still plays a vital role. Furthermore, print and digital marketing are by no means mutually exclusive; both marketing strategies have their benefits. However, one print marketing method is particularly effective in increasing exposure to SMEs: creating and distributing booklets. 

Businesses should not underestimate the effectiveness of booklet printing; it increases exposure by creating brand awareness and increases sales in the process. Additionally, booklet printing is cost-effective, convenient for potential customers, and well-made booklets are long-lasting and easy to distribute. 

What are Booklets?

Booklets come in various shapes and sizes, but they are typically small books with a low page count. Booklets are sometimes called brochures, handouts or catalogues and contain eight or more pages. They usually have a paper cover, and more often than not, the pages are bound together using staples. Stapled binding is one of the best value binding options, meaning it’s ideal for booklet printing, as you will likely order thousands of copies. However, in some cases, booklets can be wiro bound. An effective booklet has an eye-catching cover, a table of contents, page numbers, images, text and contact information.

Types of Booklets

Businesses create booklets for various uses, including but not limited to event programs, product brochures, newsletters, catalogues, photo books, employee handbooks, instruction manuals and more. Often, booklets are created with a specific target audience in mind and must capture their attention almost immediately to be effective. Booklets catch the attention of passersby through sophisticated and eye-catching graphic design and expert booklet printing. 

How Do Booklets Increase Business Exposure?

Well-designed and expertly printed booklets detailing SME’s products and services increase brand awareness, increase sales, offer convenience, are cost-effective, long-lasting and easy to distribute. 

Brand awareness

Print marketing is a particularly effective way to improve brand awareness. A printed booklet allows SMEs to showcase their brand and create a lasting connection with customers. A well designed and expertly printed booklet, full of aesthetically pleasing imagery and helpful information, allows content to be absorbed quickly.

Increase sales

Booklet printing is recommended because it increases sales. By flicking through an easy to digest booklet, readers can absorb the products and services in a short amount of time. Then, if readers like what they see, they will visit the company website or contact the business to purchase the product or service. In addition, some SMEs include vouchers or coupons in booklets to encourage customers to take the leap and make a purchase.


Trawling through several pages on a website might act as a barrier for some customers who are in a hurry. However, a booklet allows them to flick through the pages and quickly digest available products and services. In addition, readers can flick through to relevant sections and ignore pages not pertinent to their needs using the table of contents. 


Unlike paid ads, which compete in terms of cost, a defined number of printed booklets cost a fixed price. Not only does this result in reduced marketing costs, but it also means SMEs can budget more accurately. Additionally, economies of scale mean that the more booklets you order, the lower the overall price. But the lower cost compared to paid ads does not mean it is a less effective way to market a business. On the contrary, booklets offer fantastic ROI. 

Easy to distribute

One of the key benefits of printed booklets is that they are easy to distribute. SMEs can display them in areas with high footfall, such as supermarkets, shopping centres, and other similar locations. Additionally, booklets can be handed out at trade shows, inserted into new client welcome packages, posted through letterboxes or displayed in shops or offices, where visiting customers might pick them up and take them home to digest. 


Booklets are not usually time-bound. Unless your business is running offers with deadlines or the contact information needs to be changed, a batch of booklets can stay relevant for several months. As a result, you can print several thousand at a lower price per booklet and distribute them over an extended period of time.

How to Print a Booklet

Booklet printing has never been easier, as businesses can access booklet printing online. Plus, there are now many booklet printing services to choose from that offer various customisation options. Booklets can be printed in various sizes, including but not limited to A4 through to A7, DL, or square in several sizes. 

Various booklet binding options are available, such as stapled and wiro binding. Choose from a landscape and portrait orientation, pick the weight of the paper and choose whether the booklet should be printed in colour or greyscale. In addition, various paper types are available, including silk, gloss, uncoated, recycled or natural paper. Please note that the booklet size, paper type, paper weight and binding options may vary depending on which booklet printing service you use.