Why Side and Back Sleepers Need a Bed Wedge Pillow

Some people believe that the pillow they used does not impact their sleep. However, people with sleep apnea, lower back pain, neck pain, or any other number of problems that translate to bad sleep, need a better pillow. Instead of the flat regular pillows to which many are accustomed, a wedge pillow using memory foam can provide the support and comfort needed for a good night’s sleep.

Foam Bed Wedge Pillows—Physical Benefits

Back sleepers need to have a better support pillow than what can be provided by a typical flat, cotton-stuffed pillow. Wedge pillows offer far superior outcomes owing to their unique shape and gel memory foam core. The gradual slope of a wedge pillow made from high-quality products gently lifts and holds the head. The shape of the pillow is perfect for people that need back support while they rest since it elevates the head and neck on a soft, yet firm pillow. The wedge pillows are great for neck problems too, alleviating the pressure placed upon that delicate part of the body by one’s body weight.

The memory foam pillows are helpful for both the upper body and lower body. For example, there is another folding bed wedge that can be used for leg elevation. This second memory foam wedge pillow fits under the legs in such a way that it lets your knees bend and rest. This is perfect for using in conjunction with the best wedge pillows that can assist with all sorts of pains. For example, raising the legs aids with poor circulation, sciatica, knee pain, lumbar pain, and more. It’s the same thing a doctor would give you for post-surgery support to promote comfort. A leg pillow can be the perfect addition to your night time routine to allow you to get into a comfortable sleeping position that gives you a chance at quality rest.

Side sleepers also get benefits from using this gel memory foam because it can be used between your legs to promote more comfort rather than the legs touching to take on an abnormal position. This can be very helpful for people with varicose veins.

Aside from the health and pain relief benefits of using a polyurethane foam wedge pillow, you can also use it for more practical benefits. For example, you may utilize it to watch tv and to sit up in bed easier. It’s also a body pillow that acts as a backrest for people that just need to sit, relax, and stretch for a moment.

Acid Reflux and Gerd Sufferers Benefit, Too

Acid reflux and Gerd sufferers have a hard time getting to sleep. The pain from the acid can keep you up all night. Fortunately, using the best wedge pillows will allow you to sleep in a nearly upright position that can help cut down on the severity of heartburn. That allows people to go to sleep and stay asleep without that creeping, burning feeling in their esophagus. Combined with other therapies, it’s easier for people with acid reflux and Gerd to fall asleep with one of these memory foam wedge pillows.


The unique shape of the bed wedge pillow will require a unique pillow cover. However, it’s possible to find machine washable, hypoallergenic, removable covers that are perfect for giving you a comfortable sleeping experience. The zippered pillowcases that are usually bought alongside these pillows are easy to put on and remove despite the shape. The material on the pillows and pillowcases is incredibly breathable and does not trap dust mites. Buying one of these pillow sets can provide so many different benefits to a person’s physical wellbeing; it’s worth exploring if you have any of the issues mentioned!