Why Should You Work With UK Conveyancing Solicitors

It is impossible to handle all the property transactions in the UK if you don’t have any professional skills and knowledge in property law. If you are buying or selling property in the UK, you will have to instruct a conveyancing solicitor or a conveyancer.

Buying and selling a home or flat in the UK is quite challenging, and that is why you need a conveyancer to hold your hand. Partner with the best UK conveyancing services such as AVRillo. They are the top-rated conveyancing solicitors in Norwich.

Here are the reasons you need a conveyancer when buying or selling property in the UK.

1 – You are not buying in cash 

When buying property on a mortgage, most lenders will insist that you use a professional conveyancer to take you through the process. After building the right property, the next step to finding a buyer is using a conveyancing solicitor. 

2 – Saves you time and money 

An experienced conveyancing solicitor will not take shortcuts when buying property, which means you can save some money in the long run. The national average for conveyancing in the UK is 5 months. 

However, if you are buying a property with the help of an experienced conveyancing solicitor, you can achieve this in a record 2 months. An experienced conveyancing solicitor will take the right steps in conveyancing, saving you time.

3 – Seek legal advice 

There are a lot of legal formalities involved when buying property in the UK. A solicitor will do all the legal work for you, giving you peace of mind. You can continue with your normal routine as your conveyancer takes care of all the legal work.  

Your conveyancer will include any details and special conditions that you want to appear on a contract to protect your rights.

4 – Handling of contracts

Drafting contracts is a lengthy process that requires knowledge of the property law. If you are buying property in the UK, you will engage in contracts with a seller, which means you should understand every clause in the contract before you can sign it. 

Your conveyancing solicitor will interpret every clause in the contract in a simple language you can comprehend, making it easy for you.

Your solicitor will also draw up Transfer of Ownership documents on your behalf and Contract of Sale if you are selling property. The solicitor will also handle the mortgage and the offer. Your conveyancing solicitor will ensure the deposit is safely handed over to the seller’s solicitor on time.

5 – Carry out local searches 

When buying or selling property, you should conduct local searches from the Land Registry. 

The property seller should inform you of everything about the property, such as defects on the property before you can sign the contract.

 However, the seller is not obliged to tell or show you everything concerning the property on sale. That is why it is vital to carry out local council searches. With local council searches, you will find answers to all the questions about your property.

6 – Transferring funds to pay for the property 

Another reason why you should hire a conveyancing solicitor is because you cannot transfer the funds to pay for the property on your own. 

Once the seller accepts your offer to buy their property, your conveyancer should pay some deposit to the estate agent.

Your solicitor is responsible for ensuring the deposit on the property is paid on time. Your solicitor will also agree with the seller’s solicitor on a completion date. This is the date when the property keys are handed over to you.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons you need a conveyancing solicitor by your side when buying or selling property in the UK. In this article, we have listed some reasons you should not hesitate to hire a conveyancing solicitor when buying or selling property in the UK. 


I am Selim Khan Dipu (Professional Blogger)