Why Should You Use Outdoor LED Signs for Advertisement?

Using outdoor led signs for your business is not just a trend, but an essential business medium. In fact, outdoor digital signs has been proven to increase sales & community awareness.

Outdoor LED signs can be used by any type of businesses, particularly small to medium size companies that usually have little to no budget for their advertisement. Outdoor electric signs help them to promote their business effectively, whether it’s a retail store, a supermarket, a gas station, a computer shop, a local cafe, etc. When compared to the traditional advertising mediums such as newspapers, radio and billboards, outdoor LED signage is also much cheaper.

Thus, by using this powerful & dynamic advertising medium, your business will be at the forefront in the minds of the customers & the targeted audience. Therefore it makes sense to use outdoor electronic signs as an advertising medium.

Here are the major reasons why you should use outdoor LED signs:


Many business owners use outdoor LED signs because of these types of signs are much brighter than other kinds of outdoor signage. Brighter signs tend to grab more attention and are visible even at a farther distance. Both full colour and single colour outdoor LED signs remain highly visible even in the direct sunlight.

Cost Effective

The unit cost-Effective LED signs may seem a bit pricey, but they are a cost-effective and cheaper way of advertising in the long run. In fact, it can even help you to save money. Firstly, because here you don’t have to spend every time you need to change the display on your sign. Secondly, LED signage lights consume less energy & require only little maintenance. Third, there is no need to spend time or money in changing the design or for hiring people for installing new signs.

Longer Lasting

LED signs are durable when compared to the traditional lighted signs. They are made from non-breakable materials which make them lasts longer; also, it requires only minimal repairs & maintenance. This is mainly because LED modules have longer life spans; they can usually last up to 105,000 hours.

Less Electricity Consumption

The key strength of LED signs is the reduced amount of power it consumes. Outdoor led signs consume about 2 to 4 times less electricity when compared to signs that use neon or incandescent bulbs. Additionally, it helps your business to become more environmentally friendly by helping you to reduce carbon footprint as also Adaptive A-Series outdoor electronic signs are UL Energy Verified.


Unlike the traditional outdoor displays that need to be designed & printed, LED signs are highly versatile in nature. They can be quickly updated right from your computer only with just a few clicks of a button! Also, these changes can be seen in real-time. Additionally, you can also schedule message based on the time of day, day of the week or month.

Customize Advertising

Outdoor LED signs can keep pace with changing situations, weather conditions, etc. It enables you to customize your advertising message as per your target audience.  Also, you can change the message, text, graphics, signs anytime you want & more often to match your business goals and meet your audience’s requirements.

Leaves a Lasting Impression of your Business

People usually forget what they see on traditional media such as commercials, printed ads, etc. Outdoor LED Sign gives you an advantage as the people typically remember it for a longer time & tend to go for brands that they are familiar with.  So when they require something that your business can offer, there are huge chances that they’ll remember the message on the LED signage. This way, Outdoor LED signs tend to leave a lasting impression on the customers.

Avinash Mittal

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