Why Should You Use GatsbyJS?

GatsbyJS is a framework based on JavaScript. It is used to create fast websites.

Gatsby will provide you with customer engagement, improve your lead generation, and will make your brand more visible. Due to the fact that it is written in JavaScript as well as it has libraries and other off-the-shelf elements, it will help to save your project’s budget and improve productivity. Moreover, the abundance of built-in features improve user experience and provide with perfect performance. Hire GatsbyJS developers from OTAKOYI to maximize the potential of this framework and get the best possible results on your project.

One of the things you should do with GatsbyJS is the development of UI elements as a component library. As a result, you will have:

  • Improvement of user experience;
  • Better rendering;
  • Easy maintenance and bug fix;
  • User documentation and style guide will be generated automatically;
  • Seamless developer experience (due to specific tools and friendly community);
  • Abundance of specialists for you to hire (it is because of the popularity of JavaScript and Gatsby).

What is GatsbyJS?

Gatsby is one of the most popular front-end frameworks as for today. It is based on ReactJS, which is a plus by itself. This framework follows modern programming trends and provides such innovative features as server-side rendering, prefetching, data abstraction, and others. 

Gatsby allows you to build or rebuild a PWA (Progressive Web Application) site with very fast loading pages. The pages are loaded and the transition between them is measured in milliseconds, not seconds.

Gatsby is an SSG

To be more precise, Gatsby is not a framework, but it is much more. It is SSG (Static Sites Generator). This means that GatsbyJS is a compiler with a bunch of goodies, which are just plugins. With the help of them, you can customize the processing of certain files, data types and various formats. In other words, it is a sort of Lego for a developer, or a DIY kit.

By the way, Gatsby also comes with some starter templates, as well as the relatively recently introduced themes to get a fully functioning web application up and running quickly. For example, if you want to develop a website for a blog, you can use this templates to do it effortlessly: everything you need is already there.

Static Site Generator (SSG) is also a compromise between the hard-coded HTML and a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress. SSG can be used to create HTML pages for the websites that are focused on the content. One of the examples may be a blog, but this concerns anything that requires filling the page with content.

The Benefits of Using GatsbyJS

As it was mentioned above, Gatsby is a perfect tool for the creation of the content-focused websites. This detail needs to be clarified because in case the content of your website has to be updated frequently, Gatsby will not suit you. However, in case you need a Headless CMS, you can hardly find something better than GatsbyJS. Here are details why Gatsby is so good:

Fast page loading speed

Unlike other websites that are connected to the server or database, Gatsby does not need that. It is very useful in case with a blog or an online store. The thing is that the content of those websites grows constantly, and the loading speed falls drastically. There are some methods of its improvement, but they are expensive and non-convenient. 

In case with GatsbyJS, website page loading speed does not slow down as well as SEO and sales positions does not fall. The thing is that this framework assembles the project into files that can be placed on any file hosting and the site loading speed will be extremely fast.


One of the particular reasons why GatsbyJS creates fast-loading websites is that it uses pre-rendering and pre-fetching. While the user looks on the website, the browser loads the next possible step, and therefore, it feels like an app that responds quickly, not a slow website that depends on the Internet connection speed.


The fact is that websites on GatsbyJS are more secure because they do not use traditional web servers. All content is compiled at the stage of project assembly, and therefore there is no need to worry about unauthorized access to the database, web application, hosting provider’s console. 

In plain English, hackers would like your website to be connected to a database or a server, but your site build with Gatsby is not like that. It receives all the necessary information in specific files, and the malefactors do not have a chance to reach to the heart of your website.

PWA Support

PWA (Progressive Web Application) is a website of the next level. Such web application is run on the user’s browser, but it behaves like a native application. Moreover, such an application can be run offline. The thing with Gatsby is that it is oriented on the best way to transform your website into a PWA, and it does its best to help you configure and maintain it.


As you can see, GatsbyJS is a tool for a specific purpose. If you want to create a blog, an online store, or any other type of website with content that changes rarely, Gatsby is your perfect match. 

Together with that, it combines pleasant developer experience with user experience. First of all, you can create those websites really quickly and effortlessly. What is more, they are easy to maintain and secure. Secondly, the user will like the fact that they may be able to load your website without the Internet connection (if you develop a PWA) as well as they will like an enormous loading speed that it provided with pre-rendering technology.