Why Should You Start Your Business in Masdar Free Zone?

Masdar is a future metropolitan area that will cost $22 billion and be situated 17 kilometers (km) from Abu Dhabi. The city derives all its electricity from the sun and other renewable sources. It is designed to act as a regional center for businesses involved in environmentally friendly technologies.

Despite this, the free zone in Masdar City offers companies access to cutting-edge technology and well-developed infrastructure, which is a significant selling point for the area. This tax-free zone is ideal for you if you seek a location to establish a business, mainly if you are in the information technology field.

Over 1,500 businesses and over 50,000 people may find a home in the free trade zone. Because of its advantageous position close to several ports, airports, and essential business areas, the city is an important center for commerce connecting South Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Everything You Need to Know About Starting Your Business There 

Due to its central location, favorable government policies, reasonable licensure packages, and create sustainable living alternatives, Masdar is a viable area for new technology companies and entrepreneurs. The regional headquarters of several critical specialized businesses, including Siemens, British Petroleum, IRENA, and others, are located in Masdar.

Because it is located in a flourishing economic zone in the United Arab Emirates that is well-linked to major markets all over the globe, Masdar offers the ideal environment for a new information technology business to commence its operations. Continue reading if you are interested in learning all there is to know about Masdar City Free Zone, which is the leading commercial destination in the United Arab Emirates.

What Exactly Is the Masdar City Free Zone?

Economic zones covering a total area of 6 km2 have been established to provide a home for forward-thinking businesses such as renewable energy providers, IT companies focused on sustainability, and HR consulting organizations. The forward-thinking Masdar Free Zone is a model of “sustainable urban development” located between the Abu Dhabi Airport and the Al Raha marina. In addition, the Masdar free zone was named one of the world’s most innovative workplaces in 2010.

Residents and their partners are eligible for several perks, including full ownership of their homes, tax exemptions, reduced rent rates, and faster visa procedures. Because Masdar City is situated between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, inhabitants of both cities have easy access to the many attractions and main commercial areas of both cities. This makes Masdar City a handy location for residents of both cities. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has made its home in the MCFZ, making it one of the most desirable tenants in the complex.

Because of the city’s spectacular futuristic architecture and cutting-edge sustainable foundations, technology enterprises, academic institutions, and lifestyle tech firms will find the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a perfect place. This is because the UAE is an ideal location.

How to Start a Business in the Free Zone of Masdar City?

The free zone in Masdar City is unlike any other that exists anywhere else in the globe. The free area is already home to well-known firms, small and medium-sized businesses and startup companies are only one of the many benefits that the free site offers investors. 

  • Investors from other countries can own every share of a particular firm.
  • There will be no taxes on people or companies at any level.
  • No import duties at all
  • In the free zone, establishing a new business is not only straightforward but also requires very little initial investment of time.
  • The government is in charge of everything, from the registration of citizens to the assistance they provide and the processing of visas.
  • Fully reinvest any profits, and return any excess capital.
  • Breaking into local, regional, and international markets
  • Expertise in one’s field and perceptiveness
  • Locations of affordable land and offices for rent
  • It is located around 40 minutes outside of Dubai and near Abu Dhabi International Airport.
  • Possibility of Holding Two Different Registrations
  • A smaller financial impression

What Are Some of the Most Promising Options in the Masdar City Free Zone?

In the Masdar City Free Zone, operations include light manufacturing and assembly, as well as those in the technology, logistics, finance, and other service sectors, which are all permitted. Additionally, more established firms of any size are welcome in the zone.

The following is a list of some of the most successful businesses that you may start up in the Masdar City Free Zone (MCFZ):

  • Companies that deal with alternative energies and data centers
  • Support services for the energy industry extended to the community services for the energy industry
  • Innovative means of communication and technological advances in environmental fields event organizing and marketing services for the technology sector
  • Transportation via Motor Vehicles Energy Service Providers for the Healthcare Industry
  • Services Relating to Construction

Why Should You Consider Having a Business in Masdar Free Zone?

Following are some of the top reasons to start your business in Masdar Free Zone: 

  • A Diverse Range of Commercial Activities: 

Investing in Masdar City’s cutting-edge infrastructure, environmentally friendly solutions, and innovative educational institutions, businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs of all sizes stand a good chance of reaping significant rewards stemming from the city’s forward-thinking culture and dedication to green living.

The free zone has developed reasonably priced business formation packages to remain competitive with the licensing agencies on the mainland. Consequently, the number of companies signing up to do business in the free zone in 2021 has increased, and it is predicted that this trend will continue in the following year. As of 2021, over 1,110 companies considered the free zone their home, and it is anticipated that another 200 will open their doors there in the following year. Let’s look at the Masdar City Free Zone’s appeal to those doing business in other countries.

  • Permit Bundles for Commercial Use Are Available at a Discounted Rate: 

Masdar City provides a variety of company formation packages at affordable costs for businesses of varying sizes. You may find these packages on their website. When Masdar City announced the low cost of its firm creation packages, investors immediately started flocking to the free zone. Since it only costs AED 1000 to get a firm license, the “Package A” deal at Masdar City’s free zone is the most appealing aspect of the whole offering. The entrepreneur can choose up to two activities; however, the option to get a zero-visa status is also offered.

  • Commercial & Leasing Opportunities at an Affordable Price in Masdar City: 

The accessibility of high-quality infrastructure and versatile office space is critical to the success of new firms launched in free zones by investors from other countries. Companies of any size may take advantage of the superior services and conveniences offered by the free zone in Masdar City. The state-of-the-art facilities in the Masdar City Free Zone are available for lease to investors, developers, and tenants to cater to their requirements.

In the free zone of Masdar City, one can either buy or rent development plots and then utilize those plots to construct shopping centers and offices with various layouts and alternative layouts. The leasing process might be simplified using Abu Dhabi’s specialized business creation services. 

  • A Wide Range of Different Types of Businesses Can Be Found in Masdar City: 

Investors from other countries may have peace of mind knowing that the free zone in Masdar City permits a wide variety of business endeavors to be carried out there. It is the most crucial phase in establishing a firm in the United Arab Emirates to choose a suitable business model; hence, prospective foreign investors should exercise the utmost prudence in this endeavor. Since making the wrong choice of business activity may have a detrimental effect on the whole strategy, hiring firm setup professionals in Abu Dhabi is advisable. This is because of the city’s thriving business community. 

  • Masdar City Will Become Home to The Very First Space Hub in The World: 

To advance space-related research and development and to encourage the expansion of space-related businesses, the UAE Space Agency and Masdar City agreed on January 20th, 2022, to establish a Space Tech Hub in Masdar City. This agreement was made to foster the growth of space-related businesses. The businesses specializing in space technology located in Masdar City will have access to various resources, such as incubators, office space, mentoring, networking opportunities, investment opportunities, contracts with the government, and partnerships with the most prestigious university institutes located all over the world. The proximity of the Space Tech Hub to future enterprises located in the free zone in Masdar City would be beneficial.

  • A Straightforward Approach to Beginning a New Business: 

Because it is simple to accomplish, incorporating a company in Masdar City does not need you to secure many permissions or licenses from various organizations. This makes starting a business in Masdar City a desirable option. If all of the necessary documentation is supplied, the process can be done in a couple of days. In Abu Dhabi, you might speed up the process by enlisting the assistance of professionals specializing in creating companies.

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