Why should you prefer a laptop over a PC?

Information technology has deepened many aspects of our lives. The age of mobile devices, like laptops, is coming and it is not surprising if you think about the figures. The laptop market is growing much faster than both the personal computer and integrated system-processors, and this is resulting in the increased demand for them, and the improving supply of newer models. There are several advantages to owning a laptop; below we’ll look into some of these.

Laptops are portable

Laptops are easy to carry around, unlike desktop computers, which can be difficult to move because they are quite bulky and heavy. Also, laptops have much more ports compared to desktop computers, including USB ports for additional storage devices, cards for connecting printers, monitors etc. This allows for more versatility when doing your daily activities. Another benefit is portability, because you can easily carry the laptop with you wherever you go. This is particularly helpful if you travel a lot, or if you do a lot of remote work. By accessing the internet via a laptop, you can work anywhere, anytime. You can find good quality laptops via a technology rental company. If you are doing some remote work, say for example translating some foreign language, you can do this from virtually any location. You will not be limited by the limitations of your own PC. Also, the internet on a laptop is faster and can transfer files and content much quicker than a desktop computer.

Due to their portability, laptops became very popular because of students who can easily use this type of portable device while they are on campus or in their job. Portability has always been an advantage of computers. It enables people to freely move from one place to another. This is very convenient especially for people who need to be mobile and do their jobs.

There are disadvantages too

One of the main disadvantages is obviously the lower performance of the laptops. Although these seem like big disadvantages at first, it soon becomes clear that it is not, once you get used to their speed and performance. Another disadvantage is that they are not as advanced as desktops. There are other disadvantages but these two major ones should not prevent you from using computers altogether.

One major disadvantage of laptops is their price. They are more expensive than desktop computers. This is why it is more ideal to buy laptop second hand. But even when buying a used laptop, it is important to consider its warranty, the capacity of the processor, the RAM and the hard drive. You should also make sure that the laptop meets your personal requirements.

There are two other types of laptop

Netbooks are basically mini desktops. They have the same features as regular desktops such as the screen size, keyboard and the operating system. Tablet PCs is almost like handheld computers and can also perform the functions of a regular desktop PC. They are widely used in the schools and colleges for interactive learning.

Laptops are a great choice if you want to be mobile and if you think you need a larger size. They are convenient, easy to use and fast. They are also available in a large size, allowing you to carry them around if necessary. They are designed for easy portability and lightweight. Although they come with a large size, they are actually quite compact when compare to desktop computers.

They are popular now

Another reason for the popularity of the laptops is because of the increase in the number of tablet PCs. As mentioned earlier, iPads are also more expensive than laptops. With that said, the iPad has also made its way to become a popular gadget compared to laptops. Through iPad hire you can find many varieties of ipads. If you are still wondering which tablet PC to buy, you can find laptops in the case of the iPad. When deciding on what to buy, you should first determine if you want the benefits offered by laptops or the advantages offered by the iPad. If you are the type who wants the advantages offered by laptops, then you should consider purchasing a laptop. Laptops have plenty of advantages. However, there are disadvantages as well with the use of laptops.

Final words

With all the advantages and disadvantages, laptops definitely have a lot to offer. If you are thinking of replacing your current desktop PC, then definitely consider laptops. Aside from having a larger screen, you will also get the benefits of wireless Internet connection. It is very useful for students who want to stay connected with their classes. Laptops definitely have a lot to offer. However, you need to do your homework and make sure you are getting your money’s worth.