Why Should You Invest in a Hyperbaric Chamber?

Looking to buy a hyperbaric chamber for your hospital or personal use? Know the factors that determine the hyperbaric chamber cost before you make a purchase.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is often identified as a potent form of treatment for decompression sickness. However, not many are aware of its usage in treating multiple inflammations, infections, and wounds. Simply put, the hyperbaric chamber treats a patient to a high concentration of oxygen [a little higher than normal atmospheric pressure OR 1-atmosphere absolute (ATA)] flowing through the tissues, thus speeding the healing process.

In recent years, medical institutions and individual practitioners have witnessed an increasing demand for hyperbaric chambers, especially for treating out-patients. The chambers, on the other hand, have come a long way to witness improved technology across a wide range of models. In this post, we take a look at the hyperbaric chamber cost and associated factors that you need to consider before buying.

Choosing the right type

A hyperbaric chamber is mostly a vessel where the patients are fed to a steady flow of oxygen at almost three times greater than the normal level of atmospheric pressure. Although shaped like a vessel, patients can comfortably stay within and indulge in watching TV or listening to music while they are being treated.

Broadly classified, there are two types of hyperbaric chambers, namely mono-place and multi-place. As the name suggests, the former treats only one patient at a time, while the latter treats multiple patients at one go. Another important classification of hyperbaric chambers is according to the pressure level they create to induce the therapeutic effect.

All heavy-duty hyperbaric chambers are capable of generating high pressure and work fast. Hence, they cost more. Military-grade chambers are the most powerful type. They are primarily meant for underwater use to carry divers to a certain depth and also make way for a reliable point of retrieval. In comparison, medical-grade chambers are used in hospitals for treating patients with therapeutic oxygen.

They are specifically designed to facilitate entry and exit of patients with restricted mobility, like on stretchers. The other kind of chamber is the portable type, meant for residential use in case of emergency treatment.

The hyperbaric chamber cost is reflective of the power it generates. In other words, military-grade chambers are the most expensive while portable ones cost the least. The following table should give you an idea about the grades and their approximate price range.

Chamber GradePressureCost (approx.)
Portable1.4 ATM$5,000-$20,000
Medical2-3 ATM$75,000
Price Ranges

Thus, before investing one should reconsider their requirement and choose their desired type accordingly.

Placement, safety, and comfort

Whether you opt for a mono-place or multi-place hyperbaric chamber, one should ensure it’s placed safely in a room. Firstly, the room should be well air-conditioned. Also, when using the chamber alongside oxygen concentrators, optimum air circulation within the room is required. Remember, the temperature on the insides of the chamber will generally be warmer than the outside temperature.

For multi-place chambers, one should always check for the fire suppression system. An operating hand line and a functional deluge system need to be there.

Lastly, one should also monitor the oxygen level within a hyperbaric chamber at regular intervals. In case, the supplied mixture of air crosses more than 21 percent (in volume) of oxygen, the alarm should fire up to warn you.

Maintenance, Longevity & Return Policies

Besides taking into account the hyperbaric chamber cost, one also needs to ensure its durability and maintenance. For hospitals using hard-sided chambers, one should check for the durability of seals.

They should be strong enough to last at least seven to ten years and require minimum to almost zero maintenance. For soft-sided hyperbaric chambers, one of the most annoying issues is zipper failure. This normally takes place due to fabric fatigue, arising out of continuous air pressurization.

If you are looking to invest in a portable chamber, ensure the model comes with a flexible return policy. That way, you will be able to try it out for a couple of weeks before you commit to keeping it. If you plan on traveling with a hyperbaric chamber by your side, you should avoid a model with large compressors. Any hyperbaric chamber with a diameter of say 26” and 33” should be a good choice for frequent travelers.

Should you buy used hyperbaric chambers?

For any medical-grade hyperbaric chambers, buying a new one is generally the preferred choice. However, the second-hand market can also offer certain models that are in great shape and would suffice your needs. Generally, the hyperbaric chamber cost is a driving factor to invest in buying from a second-hand model.

Any used medical-grade hyperbaric chamber that is less than a decade old can be fetched for an approximate range of $50,000- $80,000. In comparison, older models can be bought for $40,000-$45,000. It is strongly recommended that you take the size, age, and condition of the chamber into account before purchasing. One should pay no more than between $3,000-$20,000 for a used hyperbaric chamber in a mint state.

Wrap up

Investing to buy a hyperbaric chamber can be a tad tricky. However, with careful consideration of the above-mentioned factors, you should be able to cut a good deal. While the hyperbaric chamber cost is an important factor determining the purchase, one should always consult their medical practitioner when buying a portable model at home.