Why Should You Have Patio Doors Over Garden Doors

While investing in any renovation project, usually most homeowners prefer to replace their windows and doors together. Also, more often this means doors at the back of the house too. Since most entry doors are meant for security and protection, there are a few options available for the back door.

For large openings, there are 2 most popular choices, but are very different and they are your garden door and the patio door. Most patio doors in Canada sold by Window Mart are quite practical and also a very convenient choice. Patio doors can be sturdy, energy-efficient, and can offer a great view of the outdoor areas, like your deck, patio, or garden.

The following are few good reasons why patio doors are more preferred over garden doors:

  • Enhance home security

With sliding patio doors, you might not be getting so much home security because with the older patio doors there is a possibility of getting shattered upon impact or can easily be removed from your sliding track.

However, today’s patio doors are usually made of high-quality and durable glass having additional security features, like security bars, multi-point locking systems, or kick locks. This can prevent any home invasions and provide you peace of mind.

  • Energy efficient

With the enhanced function of any operational door, they can also be considered as oversized window sliding patio doors. They are often comprised of almost the same materials like vinyl windows.

They can also be covered with any low-E coatings and also filled with inert gasses to get added insulation. This may help in keeping the cold air outside during the winter and can prevent frost to form on your patio doors.

Also, the added energy efficiency can lower the cost of heating and cooling and maintain a quite steady temperature in your home.

  • Light

Like with your windows, you may also want the opening at your back of the house to provide plenty of natural light. Also, this is an area where your patio doors can excel. Due to their designs, sliding doors can maximize your glass surface area and also the glass-to-frame ratio, providing you a clear view of the backyard or property.

The wood and steel design of garden doors will leave a much less amount of space for glass. Based on where you live, sometimes privacy will be more important than even a good view.

  • Physical space

When getting any garden door, one thing most clients may not always consider about is, how it can interact with their patio. Patio doors can be excellent to maximize your space because they do not open outwards. This sliding design will let you keep complete control of the deck, without impeding your space.

The only benefit garden doors will have is that they are made as double doors. When they are opened then double doors will provide the biggest possible opening and making it easier to move appliances and furniture in and out of your house.

Also, they can be a better choice for those who love pets, as it is possible to put any pet door in.