Why Should You Get a Shower Enclosure?

Shower enclosures are a necessity luxury to a necessity everyone should have regardless of their bathroom size. With a massive increase in their usage, shower enclosure designers and manufacturers have introduced newer cubicle options in recent years. With a diverse range of enclosures in the market, you can easily find the one that matches your bathroom requirements.

If you have postponed your dreams of installing a 700 x 700 Shower Enclosure Corner Entry due to the size of your bathroom, you need to reconsider, because a corner entry shower enclosure is just the right solution to your compact bathroom.

What is a 700 X 700 Shower Enclosure Corner Entry?

700 x 700 Shower Enclosure Corner Entry is quite similar to the quadrant shower enclosures but with a straight edge instead of a curved corner. You can install it in any corner of your bathroom that offers adequate space. This corner-fitting shower enclosure comes in many sizes that are compatible with many bathrooms.

Small 700 x 700 cubicles can easily fit into congested bathrooms. However, they are also available in bigger sizes, so people with roomy bathrooms do not feel left out. While considering the straight outer edge, this shower enclosure allows more room for showering, even for smaller variants.

However, there is more to it than simply acting as a space saver. Corner entry shower enclosures, as the name suggests, allow entry from the corner opposite to the wall. They are smart design to allow a diverse range of enclosure doors to attach, giving you a choice that suits your taste and your bathroom’s capacity.

Why You Need 700 x 700 Shower Enclosure Corner Entry

If we look at the need for such shower cubicles. There are two fundamental things to keep in mind. The first is we need a corner entry because it can help us save money. Most of the bathrooms in the UK are small. Therefore, homeowners are mostly in trouble when installing new fixtures. The shower enclosures usually take considerable space, hence require the positioning at the right spot, so it may make your bathroom look too full. A corner in the bathroom is such a space where we don’t install any fixtures.

That’s such space remains empty most of the time. The concept of corner entry comes from installing a compact enclosure in the corner so you can make the most out of the space in the bathroom. The size 700 x 700 Shower Enclosure Corner Entry is the smallest available size that perfectly fits into corners. 

Things to Consider for Installing Shower Enclosures

Just like every other accessory in your bathroom, you need to consider some things in advance before purchasing your awaited corner entry shower enclosure. A simple background homework would let you know whether the kind of cubicle you are buying would work well in your bathroom’s environment. Some key things are.

Space and Positioning

The first and foremost point you should never skip is the space your bathroom has to fit in a shower cubicle. In the case of a corner entry enclosure, you need to specify the corner where the cubicle should be installed. Make sure to select a corner that has no accessory attached to its adjacent walls. Once the place is determined, take the measurements.

The measurements would make it easier for you to choose the right cubicle. While taking the measurements, remember to add in the space for door movement (if you are going with hinged doors). Only go for the corner entry enclosure if you have the required amount of space.

Door Options

The cool thing about getting a corner entry shower enclosure is that you can have multiple door options you can go with. Be it the hinged door, pivoted doors, or the bi-fold doors, you can select the one you desire. Just be wary of the space if you have eyes for the hinged doors as they require extra space upon opening.

Which Shape is Suitable for Enclosure Corner Entry?

While you have multiple options for the shower enclosures, but not every shape is the best fit for the corner entry. For the small bathrooms and enclosures like 700 x700, the quadrant shape enclosure may be the best option for you. It is due to their incredible space-saving features. The curvy front of the enclosure and the compact size makes it ideal for such situations. 

Are you Looking for a Shower Enclosure Corner Entry?

700 x 700 Shower Enclosure Corner Entry adds style and luxury to your bathroom. The minimalistic and compact design makes it worthy of all sizes and types of bathrooms. Get this sleek shower enclosure now to make the best use of your bathroom space. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have all types of fixtures available at lower prices. Have you got the Corona vaccine? If not, get it done as early as possible. It is only hoped for getting out of coronavirus pandemic.