Why Should You Donate Your Vehicle For Veterans?

Many people find themselves in an awkward position when their garage space is entirely occupied, and half of the vehicles aren’t working properly. There are three common options that people opt. They either trade the vehicles, sell them privately, or they decide to donate them for veterans. The latter is the most beneficial choice not only for the veterans but for the donor himself. With the other two options, one needs to find the ideal buyer for the vehicle, wait for their approval, and sometimes bear the pick-up cost. On the other hand, donating the vehicle for veterans is certainly a prudent choice as there will be no need to invest time searching for an ideal buyer. Besides, this contributes to a great cause that will help the veterans’ family survive. 

So, there are countless reasons to donate vehicles for veterans. Still, many people wonder whether their vehicles can be donated or not due to the poor condition of the vehicles. The good news is that there are nonprofit and for-profit organizations working worldwide to help these veterans survive. They will accept any vehicles including a motorcycle, ATVs, irrespective of their condition. It’s better to opt for a non-profit organization to ensure the entire money goes to the veterans’ families. Apart from that, there are several other reasons to donate vehicles. Let’s take a look at the following:

  •   First of all, It’s A Junk Car

Well, the car is no longer in a serviceable condition. Therefore, there will be no reason to bear such cars’ maintenance cost or occupy space in the garage. If the vehicle is no longer in a serviceable condition, wanting to sell it will only be a foolish decision. It’s because people will have to spend a significant amount of time and effort in search of a buyer. It can be a major issue with the paperwork as well. So, the selling process is certainly inconvenient in most cases. However, by deciding to donate vehicles for veterans, people aren’t only contributing to a noble cause but also they’re preventing the hassle of the inconvenient selling process. So, when the vehicle is no longer useful, the donation is the most reliable option. Most charity organizations accept vehicles of all conditions which makes the process easier for the donor. 

  • It Supports A Great Cause

One of the best reasons to choose car donation for veteran’s services is that it supports a noble cause. Veterans, who once contributed their life to save the nation, need assistance at certain points to help their family to survive. With the vehicle donation process, the entire money will be provided to such veterans’ families who need assistance to survive. After all, they made huge sacrifices for others, and it’s time to support them in whichever way possible. If one opts for selling a vehicle, it may yield them financial benefit after going through a lot of hassles but donating a car will add peace of mind to everyone. People will feel great once they contribute towards this great cause. After all, it’s always better to give more than to receive more. 

  • This is Tax-Deductible

Another good part of the vehicle donation process is that the entire process is tax-deductible. But it’s crucial to make sure the car donation for veteran services is registered under 501(c)(3). Then it becomes tax-deductible. The charity will instantly issue a tax-deductible receipt once the donation process is accepted and concluded. This means people can claim the deduction on the next year’s taxes. However, it’s important to consult with a tax professional before choosing a car donation service to yield the utmost tax advantages. 

  • You Can Save Yourself from Expensive Repairs

It’s pretty certain that once the car is no longer useful, it needs repair. In most cases, people can afford to buy a new car with the amount they’re going to spend on the repair. So, it would be a foolish choice to invest money in an old car rather than buying a new one. Also, it will decrease its resale value if the car is in poor condition and it requires repair. Not only it will be difficult to find the ideal buyer but also the entire process will be expensive. Therefore, it’s a prudent choice to donate the car to a non-profit organization. They will take care of the rest starting from picking up the car to repairing it. In addition, one can save money by canceling the insurance on the unwanted car. There is certainly no reason to bear any cost for an unwanted and unnecessary vehicle.