Why Should You Collect Pop Vinyl?  

An average person may wonder why some people are collecting toys called Pop Vinyl? Avid collectors, regardless of the item they are collecting, understand that these toys are one of the things that are worth collecting.  

If you plan on collecting something, it is good to know that Funko pop vinyl toys are some of the best items that you can collect as it offers good investment opportunities. There are some instances where these toys have become quite expensive, and the collectors have made a good profit. 

A good thing about collecting Pop Vinyl is it offers a wide selection of models to collect; you’ll never run out of choices. Aside from this, below are some of the top reasons why you should start collecting Pop Vinyl.

Their value increases over time 

While the increase in their value is not that high, your Pop Vinyl’s value will still increase over time. These little black-eyed, square-headed toys are usually a part of new movie paraphernalia that most collectors and avid movie fans are buying along with other product lines.  

Less supplies mean a higher chance of an increase in value 

Another thing that makes collectors thrilled about getting a Pop Vinyl is when the manufacturer released limited models. Some of these toys are released during toy fairs, but they are always featured during a Comic-Con. Many collectors stand in line during these events, hoping to get a limited release before they run out. 

Some editions are created for promotional purposes only and are exclusive to certain event or company. You won’t find these editions once the event has ended. With that in mind, these Pop Vinyls will increase in value. 

Moreover, some Funko Pop Vinyl, such as Chase variants, are produced in very limited number. For instance, special editions will only have ten units, and you will need a vast amount of luck to purchase one. With that in mind, these super rare items offer an amazing profit. These editions may increase their value right after you purchase them. The only challenge is, you need to get one before they are gone. 

Regular Pop Vinyls are cheap and easy to find 

Funko Pops are easy to find in many online and brick-and-mortar stores. You can purchase regular Pop Vinyls for as low as $8.  
Unless you are looking for exclusive, limited, vaulted Franko Pop, or Chase, you can choose from over 20,000 different pop vinyl designs. Whether you are an avid fan of Disney or Marvel, you can collect as many different licensed characters as you wish. 

They are easy to keep 

Many toy collector’s items lose their value once you took them out of their boxes. Funko Pops are not like that. Their boxes are not sealed, so you can take them out and display them as you please. Many Funko collectors display their toys outside their boxes. Some store the boxes safely and display their toys in cases or on shelves, while others display theirs on top of the toy’s respective boxes. 

Some people collect items that can make them happy, while others collect items for profit. Whatever reason you may have, Funko Pop Vinyls are some of the best items to collect as they can serve both.  
Moreover, these toys are fun to collect, especially if you love certain characters from your favourite movies, shows, or video games. You can start by collecting the inexpensive ones, then try adding some exclusive, limited, and other rare types, such as Chase, Vaulted, or Franko Pop, as treasures.