Why Should You Choose Windows Web Hosting?

Many people are now familiar with web hosting, and many are hosting their websites for different purposes. Web hosting is renting or buying space for a website on the World Wide Web. It can also be defined as an online service to publish your website on the internet. Currently, there are different methods for web hosting, and you can choose the best one which suits your requirement. Shared hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting are the primary methods used for this purpose.

Web hosting usually requires an operating system on its server to manage and distribute server resources. The two main operating systems used for web hosting are Windows and Linux. Both of them offer several benefits and are essential for different requirements. Windows web hosting is a hosting that uses Windows operating system. Here is some information that will help you understand the importance of Windows web hosting. 

Importance of choosing a windows web hosting

Nowadays, almost everyone is familiar with Windows operating system worldwide. It is because Windows is the most used operating system in laptops and desktops. So, people can understand Windows web hosting more quickly than using other operating systems. Moreover, it offers a wide range of options and facilities for website technologies and is backed with enough security. 

  • Offers a wide range of technologies and choices for web hosting

Windows operating system usually comes with many features and facilities for web hosting. Currently, it offers almost every technology available for Linux and many other additional ones. You can install most of the  Linux software in Windows, which provides more choices. Windows hosting is a primary requirement if you plan to develop any Microsoft-specific technology. Besides that, Windows offers Visual Studio, making it easier to develop .NET websites for free. Usually, large organizations prefer .NET, as they offer numerous features. You can install PHP, MySQL, WordPress and many other programs based on your need on any Windows server. Windows OS also supports most of all programming languages and databases. Thus, it is an all-in-one facility for web hosting which can meet the hosting requirements of almost everyone. 

  • Easy to understand and use

Another important reason for choosing Windows hosting is that it will be easy for beginners to configure. Usually, it would not be easy to configure DNS servers in Linux web hosting, requiring specialized knowledge. But with Windows, it is easy to create your DNS server, as it requires little knowledge. This is because windows provide a graphical interface for managing its web server environment – IIS. It makes creating a new virtual host easier by simply using the IIS manager. Thus, for inexperienced website administrators, Windows can provide an easier way to manage administration settings. Furthermore, since most people are familiar with Windows, web hosting would be simpler. 

  • Supports ASP and ASP.NET

ASP.NET is one of the important server-side web application frameworks that developers widely use. However, it runs only on the .NET framework, which is only available on Windows. Thus, Windows is the only type of hosting that supports ASP and ASP.NET. It will provide unique and dynamic functions that can help in making successful conversions on your website. Other than that, ASP.NET offers embedding codes that can enhance several capabilities of your website. You can also use various technologies like .NET, SQL server, and IIS for better website hosting services.

  • Advanced security features

Security is one of the most important concerns for all websites, and Windows hosting can help them with that. Windows is developed and backed by one of the largest corporations in the United States. Thus, you do not have to worry much about its security features while hosting websites. In addition, security patches and Windows server updates will be provided timely to enhance its security features. Above all, Windows updates can be done easily and require only a little system knowledge. So it would be easy for anyone to do the updates on time to improve the security features for web hosting. 

  • Complete Access

One of the main challenges when working with databases is integrating them into a website’s design. Windows offers an easy way to integrate access databases, making it much easier for your site to access data quickly and seamlessly. Additionally, Windows OS integrates with the most popular database platforms, which makes it ideal for websites that need to accommodate a wide range of users.

  • Other benefits 

Windows hosting services offer comprehensive customer support features. It allows easy installation of applications and provides generous disk space and bandwidth allowances. 

  • It is the ideal and only choice for creating windows based applications for your website. 
  • Windows servers can provide applications (access) to multiple people simultaneously.


If your website requires any of the benefits or features mentioned above, it would be best to choose Windows web hosting. It is also preferred by large organizations, as it offers various functionalities to achieve peak performance levels. Even though it is considered to be costly than Linux, its benefits will outweigh the costs. 

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