Why should I choose CVD Lab Diamonds?

When you are planning to work or buying jewellery that is diamond, you must know each and every part about it. To choose the right stone, you should know its type, color, category, price, brands, source, etc. There are two types you can find in the market, one is lab created and other one is natural. Among lab made diamond you are known of cvd and hpht diamonds. Now few of you have confusions that why cvd? What are the benefits of cvd lab type? Well, this article will tell you why you should choose cvd lab diamond over other types.

Benefits of CVD Lab Diamonds

To understand the cvd type you need to be clear about lab diamond. It is a diamond that made in lab. Now there are a few arguments that if it’s similar to the real one or not. Well, it is similar to the real diamond. The difference is real ones are found in nature which is heavy and hard but lab item comparatively is less hard and less heavy. Besides this, you can’t differ these two types with naked eyes. Now in this lab type cvd is also one of a kind. There are many benefits of choosing cvd such as purity, eco-friendly, durability, affordability, availability, various color options, etc. There is another type that is hpht or high pressure high temperature lab diamonds. There are many arguments between these two types. If you are confused about it too, then you should research about hpht vs cvd. From the research you will find tons of differences and more benefits of cvd. Now let’s see why cvd diamonds are better than others

Ensure the purity

When the question is about purity, then you should know that cvd ensure purity more than others. If we compare with natural diamond, then we will see that the real one has dust and mud when you collect it from the mine. But cvd lab created diamond ensures full purity and maintain the quality.

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Affordability and availability

You will find cvd lab made item in every store whereas real one is quite rare these days. For mined item you have to pay billions of dollars where you can find cvd lab item for thousands of bucks.

Great for environment

Nowadays environment pollution is a big issue. For mined diamonds, the rate of carbon emission is huge which is harmful for the environment. But cvd man-created item is great for environment.

If you analyze all the benefits, you will understand that cvd lab diamond is far better than other types.

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