Why should I choose an engagement ring with lab grown diamond?

When the time comes for couples to begin looking around for an engagement ring, it’s important to consider all the facets of what makes a high quality, unique and affordable option. As well as choices based on style and aesthetic, choosing how your diamonds are made is also something to think about.

Classically, diamonds have been produced and excavated through mining, which has often given rise to a range of both ethical problems. Firstly, humanitarian issues such as fighting, slavery and violence has historically been very prevalent within the diamond mining industry, as well as the severe environmental impact of large-scale digging operations.

An alternative possibility to consider is lab grown diamonds. These diamonds are chemically and synthetically produced in a lab environment by scientists. The chemicalmake-up of the diamonds exactly matches that of mined diamonds. The benefits of lab grown diamonds are plentiful, and we will list some of the key ones below, so that you can make an informed decision about your engagement ring purchase.

Firstly, lab grown diamonds have a significanthumanitarian positive. By producing them in a lab, the labour involved evades the violence and unethical working relations that we can typically expect to see in the diamond mining industry. This is an important positive for many, who may struggle with accepting the poor working conditions involved in some lesser economically developed countries where diamonds are excavated. Check out lab grown diamond engagement rings.

Another key problem avoided through lab grown diamonds is the environmental damage that mining can cause. The use of big machines that displace large land masses has a huge carbon and visual impact on natural land across the world. By opting for lab grown diamonds, you are contributing towards living a greener life.

There’s also an aesthetic positive to the option of lab grown diamonds, due to their increased customisability. As they are produced in a controlled environment, their propensity to be made more closely to the buyers’ preferences is bolstered. This means that with lab grown diamonds, you are exposed to a greater range of possibilities so to find the ring that truly suits you.

The final key positive to lab grown diamonds is their affordability. Despite having an identical physical and chemical make up to mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are sold for a much lower market price. This can be a massive plus for many buyers who may have otherwise struggled to break into the buying market.

For Australians looking for engagement rings, Adelaide can be a plentiful city to shop around in. Lab grown diamonds in Adelaide are buyable through a range of outlets; both online stores and physical vendors are on hand to find you the perfect option. Buying in your local area is also important if you’re looking to support your local community in the wake of the pandemic. Staying local and buying your custom engagement rings in your area can be a great way to reinject into the economy.