Why Should Businesses Obtain Independent CPD Accreditation?

Every business must help their employees progress within their professional lives and the use of independent CPD accreditation is one of the best ways to do so. By providing further training to staff, it doesn’t just benefit the individual employee, but the entire business.

What Are CPD Accredited Courses?

CPD accreditation in the UK is a badge given to online training courses that have been through independent verification by another party to ensure quality and accurate content.

This leads to users being guaranteed value for money and not left feeling scammed or misinformed. With so many tutors now offering e-learning online, it’s important to ensure this accreditation before committing time and money to a course.

So how can these benefit businesses?

1.  It’s Cost-Effective

Training staff can take a lot of resources, from cash to man hours. However, this is crucial and can not be avoided. By implementing a CPD accredited course, costs can be reduced significantly.

Some courses are from as little as £10, yet still, be guaranteed to provide value for money. What’s more, the course only needs to be purchased once and can be taken by numerous employees as often as needed.

Time is saved with the removal of having to create training plans and programmes as well.

2.  Keeps Skills Consistent

Ensuring all staff members are training to the same high standard is imperative and can be difficult.

It isn’t always an option to pull every staff member into a training session at the same time and this can lead to some missing out on the opportunity to learn.

CPD accredited courses are completely independent, meaning everyone has the opportunity to undertake this training when it best suits them.

3.  Maintaining High Standards

Standards can slip with even the best employees, new methods, laws, technologies and discoveries mean that sectors are forever changing and employees need to remain up-to-date.

CPD courses always have the latest information and data, so even the most experienced employees can learn something new and make sure the business is keeping up with competitors.

4.  Increases Confidence

A huge barrier for many employees progressing is their lack of confidence, sometimes even more so than lack of knowledge or experience.

Even the best colleagues won’t be able to progress if they don’t show they are confident to undertake a higher position or more responsibilities.

A CPD course can help give them the confidence, by helping to plug gaps in knowledge while also reiterating to themselves how much they already know.

5.  Reduces Staff Attrition

No busy wants a high staff turnaround and by providing the benefit of CPD accredited courses, this can be reduced.

Providing this training can make staff feel valued while maintaining their interest within the sector. By keeping employees interested in the business, they will perform better and less likely to seek a career change.

6.  It’s Better For The Planet

With forever increasing pressure to become greener in the workplace, CPD accredited courses are a great way to start. E-learning is completely paperless (aside from any student notes that are taken).

Staff don’t have to travel to training sessions and teachers don’t have to attend either, reducing carbon emissions.

Businesses who promote their green training methods can utilise this to get some great PR, there’s nothing more trendy on social media than organisations showing they are doing their bit for the planet, no matter how small.

7.  Full Flexibility

CPD accredited courses can be completed anywhere, anytime from most devices. This means there is no time limit to finish them, so even the busiest of sectors can get employees trained.

Employees can complete lengthy study sessions or quick 5 minute periods, whatever suits them.

As they can be accessed from most devices, they can even do this on the morning commute.

8.  Attracts The Best Candidates

Nowadays, it isn’t just candidates to need to impress, employers need to create a great working environment to entice the best people for the role.

Openly stating that the business provides CPD accredited training to employees through job adverts and recruiters is a benefit many people are looking for in a new role.

With career progression at the forefront of some many people’s minds, this can easily sway some of the best minds to apply to work at an organisation.

9.  Expert Advice

CPD courses aren’t just study programmes, they also provide a platform to speak to experts in the field, even after the course has been completed.

This means that problems that arise within the business that pose as a struggle to rectify can be answered by these experts.

It also allows staff to reach out to them, instead of having to barrage managers with questions.

As we can see from above, CPD accredited courses are great value for money and can benefit businesses in more ways than one. When choosing a course, consult the whole team to gain an insight into what they are wanting and needing from their training to ensure the best decision is made.

Ellen Hollington

Ellen Hollington is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.