Business Survival Guide During Covid-19 Times with SEO

COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected all businesses around the world. Both big and small companies are losing revenues since most of their customers are still on lockdown while some are afraid to go out to buy their products in person. However, while physical business is still down, screen time has significantly increased during this time of the pandemic. People who are still on social isolation are using the internet not only to surf but also to buy all the essentials and stuff they need at a bigger scale than ever. For this reason, your business can take a huge advantage by enhancing your SEO strategy with the help of SEO Adelaide.


Below we’re going to discuss why enhancing your SEO strategy is one of the keys to the survival of your business in this time of the pandemic.


SEO and Content Marketing

Just because we are in hard times doesn’t mean you have to shut off your brand promotions completely. It would only lose you more profit than saving it. If you divert your resources to enhance your SEO strategy, below are just some of the benefits your business can get.


SEO allows you to get more customers.

Because of the pandemic, it would be impossible for your business to thrive for now since face to face selling and transactions are still limited. And even in some states that are gradually lifting the lockdown, companies are required to limit their daily face to face transactions, and the citizens are still encouraged to stay at home. To keep your sales up, enhancing your SEO can drive and increase the traffic on your website. And with the right content strategy, that traffic can be converted into sales. 


SEO can improve your brand awareness. 

Not because people are experiencing this pandemic crisis, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be needing any products or services. In fact, even this pandemic won’t stop them from spending either on essential or non-essential goods. And the good news is that they are all doing their spending online. With SEO, it can boost your brand visibility in many ways, such as below. 


Keyword optimization. This is the most basic optimization that you can do to improve your brand awareness. Since popular search engines, like Google, are tailored primarily to their users, and not to businesses. This means that you should be using the right keywords in your content, so people who are searching for similar or related products or services to yours can find your site on the search results page.


Link building. Unlike keyword optimisation, link building requires both effort and time to become effective. You need time to collaborate with high authority sites that are related to your niche and ask them to link on your site where mostly in the form of an article or blog. The quality and relevancy of the links can help your site to get on the first page of search engine results. It even has the potential of getting traffic from the site that linked to you.


On-page optimisation. Similar to keyword optimisation, what you need to do here is to optimize your web content as well as the hidden HTML directions like title tags and meta descriptions with proper and relevant keywords to make your site highly visible to search engines.


Improving Your Online Presence and Relevance Through SEO



Curate content based on the current situation.

People’s searching behaviour has diverged on how they can survive this pandemic. With this, make sure that you provide your viewers with the right content that is related to their current situation while at the same time paying attention and providing them solutions to their needs. This will ensure that people can easily relate to your business or brand, and the conversion will be much easier.


Modify existing content to suit the current situation.

Aside from providing your viewers with fresh contents, you can also modify your existing content to suit the current situation of the pandemic. This approach is cost-effective in the long run since all you have to do is to modify the contents that you already have. One way to do this is you can turn your old blog post into infographics, or eBooks into video blogs. However, make sure to align the message with your viewer’s current situation and reiterate that your business or brand can provide solutions to their current needs.


Make sure to utilise local SEO.

Since some states have to restrict travel from other states, people have no choice but to patronise local businesses. Local SEO allows your business or brand to become highly visible to people who are looking for products or services in your area. By doing so, make sure that your business can cater to the needs of people around you. You can do this by incorporating the keyword ‘near me’ and optimising your Google My Business listing.



This COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the whole world. However, don’t let this crisis hold you from succeeding. This is the perfect time to invest heavily in search engine optimisation, and with help from SEO Adelaide, your business can still survive and thrive even on these down-times.